MrRobotQR scan QR codes from search engines in search of private keys of Bitcoin Wallets

We all know the phrase: “Everything that enters the Internet, remains in it forever and becomes publicly available.”

Down to hidden content.

AT 2021 году pandemic brought back popularity QR-кодов. First QR-коды have been used in production 1994 году subsidiary Toyota in Japan introduced them at the assembly plant to control the produced cars and parts for them. Unlike a barcode QR-код contains more information, which prompted the manufacturer to introduce innovation. The technology began to spread mainly in Asian countries, and in 2003 году Chinese company inspiration developed a special reading mechanism QR-кодов, which allowed it to be done quickly, which fueled its popularity. However, widespread use was already in the period of mass use. tablets and smartphoneswhen reading became available through the camera of the wearable device.

Devices from the Chinese company Inspiry
Devices from the Chinese company Inspiry

On the one hand, QR codes provide all the conveniences in payments BTC, as you can not spend half an hour on the design of the translation. Just point your smartphone at QR-код and the payment form with all the filled fields will be generated by itself, all that remains is to press the button with payment confirmation.

Переводы, оплаты, QR-коды simply an irreplaceable thing and the most important thing is that all this saves our time.

There is one more important thing to remember:

Googlebot, Bingbot, Baidubot work 24/7 and at any time can store private data in their giant servers.

In search of hidden content from the depths of search engines, heroes in a black hoodie, completely opposite to search bots, from the famous TV series Mr. Robot are connected. (Mr. Robot) .

«MrRobotQR»is an open source script that automates the process from entering a search keyword to deriving the private key of a Bitcoin wallet.

Requires Python 3 and Bash to run the script

bash-script: automates the following steps:

launch Python-script: with the indicated keywords for searching and scanning images in Google, Bing and Baidu.

All found images will be uploaded to the folder qrbooty with subfolders for each search engine. The script then renames and moves the files from the subfolders to the folder qrbooty with unique names.

Next comes the launch Python-script: to scan downloaded images in folder qrbooty for the presence QR-кодов and checks if they contain private keys Bitcoin wallet. All private keys will be saved to a text file: keylist.txt.

After reprocessing the script removes duplicates in keylist.txt and outputs unique key and to a new file: keylist_unique.txt which will already contain all unique private keys Bitcoin wallet.

Installation and launch:

Let’s open [TerminalGoogleColab].

Let’s use the repository 10MrRobotQR».

git clone

cd CryptoDeepTools/10MrRobotQR/


Install the ZBar barcode reader software package

sudo apt install python3-dev python3-setuptools python3-pip libzbar0 libzbar-dev

Install all the packages, modules and libraries we need:

cat requirements.txt
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

File permissions:

chmod +x
chmod +x
chmod +x

"bitcoin qr"keyword for search engines

Running a bash script:

./ "bitcoin qr"

We open and look at all saved unique keys in the file: keylist_unique.txt

cat keylist_unique.txt

History of searches with a positive balance of BTC coins:

Let’s open bitaddress and check:

Private Key WIF: L4vNZ86Pp6mkEPSPz9EcELK8cp1BxP3LWjxh7QvDanuMQBUJT9cG
Bitcoin Address: 1JhCAfiAbwJSa65c2EDCfC9fbEwyzZZb25
Total balance:   0.01393000 BTC

Private Key WIF: L2HcNb8wPCQ2gpL4oT5Mn6cvKqfAFjCqK3qWquak9BvYasbgWxxF
Bitcoin Address: 18cif9QYoSPSrmv9MN157mUejyNMr5wYVx
Total balance:   0.01313000 BTC

Private Key WIF: KwFs9DSx3qQbagnRiZ2niczs5QteL1bE13mBdXFGAW1He7BxQ9qz
Bitcoin Address: 1KyUqCo3pbBHvCp7ZcBvUSEaTLBocUAoU3
Total balance:   0.03611000 BTC

Private Key WIF: L5CGhW2yDnq3pGQdKm3ocM3AE32EekoKkKN6DvUqstziayr1R79V
Bitcoin Address: 1AuRL68EyKTFAafj98GR2oAi7b9abNr3ja
Total balance:   0.03602000 BTC

Private Key WIF: L3sxBKQ8HbFAv2vshfsL6RTEX8zP9CLDzw9BCh6hd5VTiihoAX5n
Bitcoin Address: 1H957muSj2Sn23Mnym5DEoYquQqviqc7Ch
Total balance:   0.03628000 BTC

Private Key WIF: KzpPtHkQbZj32Pxtoo31bPZtbVbVV5DASdmaFWawgrYXBxhfNoLj
Bitcoin Address: 1PCLwUTMj6z7up1mDGbEbMVhaQif9xBB5M
Total balance:   0.03632000 BTC

Private Key WIF: L1DoUbneUoNAMqFHeGyerzXyxwbzYWB1mD2JL8sn855EgZKJxC5d
Bitcoin Address: 1N5rmtTVvtTkVPB8xJNPx3bbaS7kZX2kX
Total balance:   0.01466000 BTC

Private Key WIF: KzcTCCpwMFu3yS5EBczmD9bv4GSD42vCoicJzCrZdm4eyYRvBiGE
Bitcoin Address: 1WeWVwSsUDgtMagerivywQzmBbeL2ETVJ
Total balance:   0.03677000 BTC

Private Key WIF: Kydoae8uQDUjxVWqqgqzoTQtMYkA6x1MGiPTx76AuTzyxdBTAYHc
Bitcoin Address: 1Mz7STzHf3JBuG4fvXuiz1brGRXF2C4R9R
Total balance:   0.03498000 BTC

Private Key WIF: KzWA3G6wyAdWSpACmJXAec76xhFxMPhnzwKLK3pk1gxm4RencWmo
Bitcoin Address: 1HnBT3t4AKBP54UDTNGJB39DAv7caf7HP1
Total balance:   0.01601000 BTC

This video was created for the portal CRYPTO DEEP TECH for financial security of data and cryptography on elliptic curves secp256k1 against weak signatures ECDSA in cryptocurrency BITCOIN





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