Most Popular Databases – 2006–2021

(article updated in May 2021)

What database management systems (DBMS) are most common in the world? How have they changed since 2006 and which are among the ten most popular? In this article, we will analyze the databases that were at their peak from 2006 to 2021. The data is updated every month. More details – in index of leading databases TOPDB… So, let’s take a look at the most popular databases from 2006 to 2021.

15 most popular databases from 2006 to 2021

Which database became the most popular in 2021? According to the DB rating, this is Oracle. This database is used by 30.2% of respondents. Two times less respondents use MySQL (16.65%) and SQL Server (13.21%) – second and third places, respectively. Together, these three DBMSs account for more than 62% of the total number of users. The fourth line is occupied by Microsoft Access DBMS – 9%. The share of databases, which took the fifth and subsequent places, accounts for less than 5%.

That being said, Oracle is in the same position as 15 years ago. In May 2006, 31.8% of respondents used this DBMS. MySQL was in second place – 24.5%. Together, these two databases were used in 2006 by more than 55% of the respondents. The third line in 2006 was occupied by the Microsoft Access DBMS. Then it was used by 17.6% of respondents, but in 2021 their number was almost halved and amounted to 9.07%. SQL Server has since moved up one position, and while it is still around 13%, it has managed to bypass Access.

DB-Engines Database Rating – May 2021

In May 2021, Oracle remains the leader in the DB-Engines rating. It is followed by MySQL with 1236 points and Microsoft SQL Server with 992.66 points.

DB-Engines Rating – March 2021: Data visualization through the Flourish platform

We have reviewed the most popular databases in the TOPDB ranking. TOPBD calculates the score like this: “The TOPDB Top Database Index is based on an analysis of the frequency of Google searches that contain database names.” But which databases are the most popular in the world according to DB-Engines?

The first three lines contain the same DBMS. Oracle is in the lead (1321.73 points), followed by MySQL (1254.83 points), followed by Microsoft SQL Server (1015 points). But starting from the fourth line, the rating changes: according to DB-Engines, PostgreSQL became the fourth most popular DBMS in the world, which scored 549.29 points.

DB-Engines Rating – Top 10 Most Popular Databases – March 2021: Data visualization through the Flourish platform

Another interesting example: Microsoft Access ranks fourth in TOPDB, but in the DB-Engines Access rating it gains 118.14 points. Ten times less than Oracle. (You can read more about how the DB indicators in this rating are calculated at the link

Fastest growing databases last year

Which of the 50 databases performed better than others in the past year, and which did not show great results? Let’s start with the good. Microsoft Azure SQL Database, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB and Snowflake showed strong growth. Of these, the greatest growth was demonstrated by the Microsoft Azure DBMS (35.44%), and the smallest – by Snowflake (+ 20.77%). Google BigQuery, Redis, and Amazon DynamoDB improved well. Among them, the highest growth was observed in BigQuery (+ 8.51%), and the smallest – in Amazon DynamoDB (+ 6.38%).

DB-Engines Rating – Top 50 Most Popular Databases – March 2021: Data visualization through the Flourish platform

Three databases showed the greatest negative dynamics: Microsoft SQL Server (-82.55%), Oracle (-18.91%) and Hive (-9.34%). However, some of the databases, whose performance has deteriorated since March, continue to occupy the leading positions in the overall rankings. Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL – the world’s most popular databases – lost 35.55% on average.

Above is an interactive DB-Engines ranking table (links to official data can be found here: You can see the data for different columns.

Sources and useful links

For this article, I used several sources, including TOPDB and DB-Engines ratings. Links to sources are indicated in the article.

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