More, more frontend – reports with YuMoneyDay

Ready to rub on the frontend? We are. Therefore, we are publishing a new batch of useful video material from experts of a large payment service. Under the cut you will find 2 boring reports about:

  • life hacks in CSS, HTML and JS,
  • the architecture of the YuMoney frontend.

Make yourself comfortable: you may not have heard this before.

Front-end hacks

Mikhail Stepanov, senior interface developer
10 life hacks in CSS, HTML and JS (which you probably didn’t even know about)

2:13 Prehistory, or what has the tigers to do with it
3:26 Life hack # 1. Linking: a new way to connect styles
6:55 Life hack # 2. Carousel: Scroll Snap Spec
9:25 Life hack # 3. Using the Base tag attribute
11:14 Life hack # 4. Ping
13:25 Life hack # 5. Datails: native accordions
14:54 Life hack # 6. Select in multiple lines
17:22 Life hack # 7. Inputs outside form
19:37 Life hack # 8. Disable inputs
20:57 Life hack # 9. Popup
22:28 Life hack # 10. Scroll
24:12 How many new tigers have you discovered?

Overview of the UMoney frontend architecture

Ilya Kashlakov, Head of Interface Development Department
In his report, Ilya will tell how the architecture of the YuMoney frontend developed. Let’s discuss the influence of Legacy on the development of architecture. And the way we fight Legacy. I’ll tell you about new approaches to both the front-end server architecture and the client – what they are based on and what we are striving to achieve in development.

1:39 Speaker Help
2:38 Briefly about the front-end of YuMoney
2:57 Why a platform team is needed
4:30 Server Side: directions of development
5:53 Infrastructure direction: about the transition from monolith to microservices, problems encountered
9:27 What is a blank and why is it? Problems of procurement
13:28 The workpiece must be better and better
19:00 Architecture Focus: An Overview of the MVC Model
20:17 A pure function is enough for everyone!
21:47 What was wrong with the pure function?
24:06 New age: what architecture looks like now
25:42 What gives us the choice of Nest
28:25 Client Side: from classic frontend to modern

All reports from the big IT conference YuMoneyDay… On the way there are materials about SQL, DevOps, PM, testing and mobile development.

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