More details: in-ear and reinforcing headphones of different categories – reviews and guides

Today we decided to take a look at a few popular plug models and brought up select guides on the topic, plus a few detailed breakdowns with lots of photos.

Photo: Alphacolor.  Source:
Photo: Alphacolor. Source:

In-ear headphones: price, design and sound quality… They are considered the most popular, but here you can argue for a very, very long time. Better to try to figure out how this market works. We present to your attention a guide from for 2500 words.

In it you will find life hacks – for example, how not to overpay – and an analysis of all sorts of features of in-ear headphones: what’s inside, how to choose tips / ear pads, which gives 90% of sound quality, how to choose between dynamic and reinforcing models, how one-driver reinforcing headphones look like and how much there should be emitters.

Armature headphones: principle of operation and the problem of choice… Not the newest, but quite useful material from about “balanced armature headphones” – the history of their development, legendary models and various types of drivers.

If you would like to understand what this category of headphones is even before choosing models for listening and buying – read the recommendations link

Sound for every taste… In review – Fiio FH5… specialists share their impressions of the model’s appearance, and tell in detail how it is combined with cost characteristics, sound and what comes in the kit.

If you would not like to limit yourself exclusively to these types of headphones, check out our review, which we have prepared especially for those who have to stay on remote control:

A step away from the canons – test of armature headphones… This time it’s about FiiO FA7… Last year’s review from contains twelve hundred words and twelve photographs. We look at the case, transparent cable, earhooks, Velcro, case-suitcase, fabric handbag, study expert assessments and passport data of this model.

Test test test: in-ear and planar magnetic journalists have prepared a great review of Audeze iSine10 and iSine20 (by the way, for the first model we have two modifications). The material contains a lot of detailed pictures, an expert assessment of the sound, measurements, compact conclusions and “passport data”.

Neutral comfort – six-emitter reinforcing headphones… We carefully look at quite expensive FiiO FA9to figure out what their price is being asked for. We are discussing the translucent body, its shape, inserts, “three tiny levers”, a set of nozzles, the advantages and disadvantages of the model, plus – the basic characteristics.

Model for artists and their fans… The real price heavyweights of this collection are Sony IER-M9 and their compact overview: from complete set to construction device.

Maximum enthusiasm – test of wireless headphones… In the review – one of the participants in the video above – Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless… specialists analyzed all the features of this model: from the package and case to expert assessment of the sound and sensations from use. Plus – they brought compact conclusions and MTW characteristics.

Another “blue-toothed” option… editors share opinions and photos Denon AH-C820W… This is a fairly compact overview, but it contains interesting nuances about the listening experience of this model and the technologies used in its production.

Additional reading, viewing and listening materials:

  • Interviews with audio engineers and reports from online / offline exhibitions

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