Moder proposes to change the appearance of the main character of Stray to the appearance of the player’s cat

Released on July 19 on PC and consoles, Stray, about a cat traveling with a robot friend in a cyberpunk world, has already received high marks from critics, gamers and – most importantly – live cats on the other side of the screen:

Of course, moderators could not help but notice such a success. In particular, the moderator under the nickname NorskPL proposes to change the red-haired protagonist, making him outwardly similar to the customer’s pet. The enthusiast received so many orders that he had to temporarily curtail the set of new applications: now you can only get on the waiting list.

However, if you don’t want to wait, and the red cat is already boring, then remember that all woolen ones are beautiful without exception then on the Nexus mods portal can be found several ready-made solutions, sometimes very strange: the main character can be painted in pink or purple, and also meowing can be replaced with voice acting, so to speak, coming from the other end of the cat.

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