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The number of business services for mobile devices is growing every year, and today a smartphone or tablet is email, corporate messengers, geoinformation applications, CRM, etc. For traveling employees: insurance agents, couriers, freight forwarders and many others, a mobile device, in general, is the main working tool.

In this article, we will introduce the KACE Cloud Mobile Device Management (KACE MDM) tool for mobile device management and the possibilities of its integration with another product from Quest – KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) to form a single space for managing user devices: from stationary workstations and laptops to mobile phones and tablets. Under the cut are the key features of the solution.

The main challenges that companies face with a fleet of mobile devices are the need to regularly eliminate vulnerabilities (install updates), ensure security for the corporate environment, provided that personnel use personal mobile devices, license control and the availability of dedicated personnel. KACE MDM helps you meet the challenges listed above and reduce the cost of managing tens, hundreds or thousands of mobile devices.

Key features of the solution

Easily add a new device by link… The user opens the received link, performs authorization (LDAP / AD, SAML and other methods are available), the application is downloaded to the device and this device appears in the KACE MDM interface. The image below shows a similar scheme.

Managing access codes (passcodes) to the device… KACE MDM has the ability to set a special access code on the device to unlock the device. You can control the policies of such codes, for example, requirements for the minimum length of the number sequence.

Introduction of restrictions (turning on the camera, downloading applications, etc.)… In some cases (for example, in warehouses) it is unacceptable to use a camera or voice recorder. In this case, KACE MDM has the ability to set a special ban on their use. The option is available only for corporate devices.

Locking and erasing data… In the event that the user has lost the device or it was stolen, it is possible to block it or erase all data from it by resetting it to factory settings. The device itself, of course, will not return, but it will give peace of mind.

Providing a comprehensive update… In the event of a critical update or a routine need to install an update (as well as a new application), KACE MDM provides a convenient interface for performing such a bulk operation. In doing so, you can define different configurations for different user groups.

Email setup… This option is suitable for those who use special email applications. From the KACE interface, you can add ready-made templates with settings so that the user only needs to launch the mail client and start correspondence.

Improving Compliance and Optimizing License Usage… If there are paid applications, KACE MDM can generate reports on their use. This will identify those users who do not need the application to perform their work duties.

Private repository for distributing applications… On corporate devices, it is possible to prohibit downloading and installing applications that are defined in the repository. Thus, the likelihood of a threat from malware is reduced. In the image below: on the left is the KACE MDM interface, on the right is the Google Play app store interface in the mobile phone. It can be seen that only three applications are available for download and installation.

Integration with KACE SMA… If you are already using another KACE product for patch distribution, license and asset tracking, you can also view mobile device data there. This way you will be able to see all the devices at the disposal of specific users, keep track of the relevance of their settings and perform updates regularly.

Using an additional profile on personal devices of users… In the case when users use personal devices to access corporate resources, it is possible to delimit such use. Up to a separate application for calls.

Review and manage inventory information by device… The KACE MDM interface provides maximum device inventory information. Any of these fields can be used to build reports and identify, for example, devices with weak hardware or potential vulnerabilities.

Licensing and delivery format

The solution is licensed per mobile device and delivered as a cloud service. Supported devices based on Android, iOS and Windows.


KACE MDM is a handy mobile device management tool that is ready to go in just 1 day. If you are considering a tool of this class, leave a request at feedback form or contact in another convenient way

On October 21, together with Merlion, we held a webinar on KACE MDM, recording is available link

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