Mobile Development Week #500 (July 31 – August 6)

In the new anniversary edition, we create default avatars and explore TipKit, write a completely native GUI application without Android and pass Android interviews, learn the rules for creating beautiful interfaces, defeat server tips, explore the mobile experience and much more!

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Create default user avatars in SwiftUI
Adding learning moments to apps with TipKit
• Sticky Header in SwiftUI
Who are you SwiftData
GC, ARC, RAM. Part 3 iOS
The Composable Architecture has reached version 1.0: what is it
• Thread Safety in Swift
Adding teachable moments to your apps with TipKit
Swift Macros
Composable Architecture 1.0
Animating Carrousel Transitions in SwiftUI
DocC Tutorial for Swift: Automating Publishing With GitHub Actions
Observation Framework in iOS 17
Crafting a Swift Package Plugin for App Data Protection
Unit Testing with async/await
iOS Interview Guide: Custom higher-order functions in Swift
Modularized Navigation in SwiftUI – An Enum-based Approach
The Large Title UINavigationBar Glitches and How to Fix Them
Localization testing in Xcode
SwiftUI Tutorial: Navigation
Streamlining Similar View Controllers: A Swift Tutorial to Embrace the Refactor Mindset
Mastering StoreKit 2
How to automate taking screenshots with fastlane for iOS
How to use type erasure in Swift with a real example
Advanced async testing: Unstructured concurrency
Animate background with color gradient in SwiftUI
Understanding iOS Memory Management With Toy Analogies
What I’ve learned implementing Swift Macros: 5 takeaways
SwiftUI Animated Tags View – Layout API
SwiftData Basics Tutorial: How to Easily Persist Data in SwiftUI
How to format physical units in Swift using MeasurementFormatter
SharePlay – Turn your app experience into a shared experience
SwiftUI: Scroll to Hide Tab Bar
visionOS 30 Days: development lessons for visionOS
iTorrent: torrent client for iOS


• The sources are closed, but we will not give up: We write a completely native GUI application for a No-Name smartphone without Android
• On the other side of feedback: how Android interviews work and what we expect from candidates
• The best companion in your creative process: Android Studio Bot VS ChatGPT for Developers
• Animation optimization on Compose: we twist loaders, look for non-obvious functions
Android indie development: pains, ideas and earnings
How Google Defeated Android Fragmentation
State of Databases 2023 study
Designing a Functional Library
Jetpack Compose for Maps
Deep dive into Live Edit for Jetpack Compose UI
Modeling the domain layer using composable use cases
Lazy Grids for Android TV using Jetpack Compose
Fluent and Fun Clean Architecture using Kotlin
How to create a chatbot with Firebase Firestore and PaLM on Android
Try the K2 compiler in your Android projects
Android WorldwideJuly 2023
Gradle Cache: Your build’s best friend
Firebase Dynamic Links Depricated! Migrate to Android App Links
Passing events from Composable functions to MVI ViewModels
How I became an Android Developer
Android 13 Runtime Notification Permission: XML & Jetpack Compose Guide
Debugging Alarms with ADB
Using String Resources in a ViewModel
Debugging Google Maps App Issue on Android
Debugging the recomposition in Jetpack Compose
Clok: The math behind the clock
Fixing touch target size in PLR
Live Edit for Jetpack Compose
Android Studio Giraffe stable release, New Samsung foldables, and more dev news!
Top App Bar (Toolbar) – UX With Material3
Selection UI Components (Checkboxes, Switches, Radio Buttons) – UX With Material3
Android WorldwideJuly 2023
Stable Diffusion AI: custom image generator for Android
Compose Adaptive Scaffold: Easy Large Screen Support

Cross platform

• The future of iOS development on Flutter
How we made an online code editor on Flutter
Mobile multi-platform development at McDonald’s
Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) becomes Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP)
• Mobile application for eCommerce: cross-platform development experience
Popular apps using Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) in 2023 — and what you can learn from them
Intercepting Ktor Network Responses in Kotlin Multiplatform
A Deep Look Into Flutter Databases
How we reduced bundle size by 15% with patching package
How To Use Lints In Flutter
Storing data from the Flutter app → Google Sheets
Enhance your React Native Application Performance
Understanding Keys, Elements, RenderObjects and their interplay in Flutter
The basics of Layout Animations in React Native Reanimated
Firebase Analytics in Flutter app


• No designer needed. Rules for creating beautiful UIs
• How a small neurolinguistic model in Keyboard defeated server prompts
• BDUI, multi-step and backend driven analytics
• How we launched the official Russian app store RuStore
• How we implemented push notifications in the messenger — from basic sending to working out the conditions
• Nielsen heuristics on the example of real applications
• Development of mobile applications: key principles of product and project approaches
Myths and legends about mobile app security
Avito Security Meetup
Podlodka #329: where does Big Data start
July’s Highest Paid App Development Jobs
What is mainline development
A WWDC Design Lab Made My App So Much Better
Before you try to do something, make sure you can do nothing
Explaining Vector Databases in 3 Levels of Difficulty
5 UX Secrets Behind the Success of Threads App by Meta
How DoorDash Migrated from StatsD to Prometheus
ORIDE – UX Case Study
A Realistic Day of a Product Manager’s Life at Microsoft
vertical vs. Horizontal Cards: Which Are Better?
Tidal Cycles – Live coding music with Algorithmic patterns

Analytics, marketing and monetization

What is a good conversion to paying user?
Bloom teaches Generation Z about investing
The most downloaded and earning applications in Russia in July 2023
DSP: differences and advantages of lookalike and predictive models. Part 2
• IronZen: how we solved the pain of thousands of anxious people by developing our own mobile application
The Power of Streak: Increasing the Engagement of Learning Apps
RuStore now has the ability to download applications for TV
Mobile Experience 2023 Embrace Report
$100 million: Inworld – AI for NPCs
Amazon Clinic launched in all states
Pokemon Sleep hits 2 million installs
Which countries release the most mobile games?
Rewind has released an iPhone app that will help you remember everything

AI, Devices, IoT

• Analytics and optimization of batteries in IoT devices
• We automate ventilation in an apartment of 200 m²: the budget is not limited
• Kincony KC868-A4S: like A4, only (S)UPER
• Yet another UDP transport
Ray-Ban smart glasses are almost never used
Snapchat launches new AR lens rewards program
AI Companion App: A lightweight stack for creating and hosting your own AI companions

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