Mobile Development Week #495 (June 26 – July 2)

In the new release, we monitor the state of the silent mode switch, study Swift macros and Android development, roll features without releases, collect tears of vkatuns, refuse modesty and much more!

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iOS: Find out and track the state of the physical quiet mode switch
• From the inside: Swift macro – #Preview
• Macros in Swift
• Swift 5.9. What’s new?
Life cycle of SwiftUI objects
Phil Schiller ‘should get his hands off the App Store’
Apple has updated resources for designers
Implementing Carousel Slider Inspired From Material Carousel
SwiftUI Glassmorphism – Glass Background Effect
Easy Add Filtering In SwiftData Using Searchable
I screwed up one key accessibility behavior, and now I’m on a mission to do better
iOS 17: Notable UIKit Additions
The debut of the ButtonRepeatBehavior view modifier
A Deep Dive Into Observation: A New Way to Boost SwiftUI Performance
The Power of Function Builder: Swift VS SwiftUI
#Preview SwiftUI Views using Macros
Creating a Joystick Control in SwiftUI
Scalable Navigation With Deep Links in SwiftUI
Revamping Trendyol’s iOS App: A Modularization Success Story
All about Silent Push Notifications. Step by Step Guide
Recreating iMessage’s Sticker Peel-Off Effect
Agile Architecture in Swift
Effective Task cancellation in Swift by leveraging Combine’s AnyCancellable
Writing a modern iOS Networking Library with Swift Concurrency
Libraries with resources optimized for build time and application size
How to use String Catalogs for localization in Swift
Unleashing Xcode’s Potential: 6 Uncommon Xcode Extensions for Senior iOS Engineers
Implementing location search by address into the iOS app
How to set up Gitlab CI/CD with Fastlane for iOS-project on a Mac mini
Working with C callback functions in Swift
Mapbox Maps SDK iOS: Interactive Custom Maps
ReSwift: Unidirectional data flow in Swift
iOS Starter Kit: Examples for Beginners


How to learn Android development yourself
• Testing mobile games before release: tools and best practices on Google Play
How we reduced FullStory launch time on Android by 75%
• Overview of libraries for screenshot testing Android projects. Part 1
Android: Watch on Big Screens
Preparing the Android Application Configuration Using Dynamic Proxy and Reflection
Google updates the design of the Android logo
Location location location, revisited – Android Developers Backstage
Intents & Intent Filters – Android Basics 2023
Resources & Qualifiers – Android Basics 2023
Seal the Deal with Kotlin — A Look at Sealed Classes and Sealed Interfaces
Exploring Jetpack Compose Anchored Draggable Modifier
Lindy effect in surnames problem
I re-wrote Grab Android App. Do I regret it?
Server-Sent Events in Android (with Node.js)
Modularizing Our Driver App For Android
MockResponseInterceptor: Simplifying Retrofit API Response Mocking in Android
Dropbox rebuilt its search experience 40% faster with Jetpack Compose
How to create a welcoming codebase
Simplify Testing Kotlin Flows with Turbine
Understanding memory leaks
Talkback Ordering in Android Jetpack Compose
Performance With Jetpack Compose
Tools and tips I wish I knew when I started Android development
Records in Android Studio Flamingo
Avoid Java double brace initialization
Jetpack compose – How to implement Custom Pager Indicators
TranslationPlugin: translate text in IntelliJ/Android Studio
Flagfit: Feature flags for Android and Kotlin

Cross platform

• Dart for backenders. Part 1
Flutter meetup by Evrone
Creating Kotlin Multiplatform SDK
Demystifying Local AAR Usage in Flutter: Step-by-Step Guide for Flutter Plugins and Projects
Modularizing Flutter UI with Factory Constructors
Flutter – Learn the Importance of Constraints in Layout Creation
Write unit tests and UI tests in your Kotlin Multiplatform app!
Migration to go_router – dev’s story
Unifying our workflow: the journey to monorepo with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile
Flutter – iOS App Release on AppStore using Bitbucket Pipeline
Sealed Classes in Dart: Unlocking Powerful Features


• How to roll features without releases. Part 2: about the low-level Server Driven UI
One line of code that cost $8,000
• How we make testing transparent. All about QA infrastructure
• JTBD method in practice for solving a test task
• Autotests: who needs them, and who can do without them?
• How a designer can save the day with research. In a couple of hours, $4 and no development
Top 10 most popular programming languages ​​among employers
Video Yandex BDUI Conf
TEARS OF VKATUNA: The real story of entering IT in 2023
Avito Design Talk: designer vs. product
Ohhehenny podcast: who is a team leader
Niantic is doing layoffs again
Tesla adds support for third-party apps
Only a quarter of programmers are unambiguously happy working in IT
Don’t be a humble developer
4 Mistakes to Avoid in Building a One-Man Business
Nokia is finally making news with its new UI language
Where Do Old Programmers Go?
How Spotify’s design optimizes for sign-up conversions
12 Mobile App UI/UX Design Trends 2023
How We Scaled to 100 Million Active Users Using Kafka and Golang – Eventual Consistency
Nobody Listens to UX
I Wish I Knew These 10 Software Architectural Styles Before the Interview
To Be A Great Software Developer – You Need a System

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Social network IRL, which received $ 200 million investment, announced the closure
• How to get featured
MyTracker launched a tool for assessing the portrait of the audience of a site or application
Korean Alwayz tries to make shopping fun and social
Facebook* ads in Europe will let you download apps directly
Health & Fitness category in 2022 – AdQuantum and Sensor Tower report
Custom dashboards appeared in AppMetrica
TikTok is shutting down its BeReal clone
Russian spending on mobile games in the largest app stores fell threefold
Downloads switch to summer mode
Helped launch an app to help children in emergency situations

AI, Devices, IoT

• How I wrote a converter of 3D models from improvised means
• Prompt-engineer as a new trend. Specialist requirements and salaries
• Zabbix monitoring of weather station IoT devices using Repka Pi
• Device Twins in 5G and Edge Computing
Overclocking BLE
ChatGPT launched on Windows 3.1
Google has canceled its Project Iris AR glasses and switched to building a platform
Google launches training course on generative AI
Embedchain: creating LLM chatbots based on your own data

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