Mobile Development Week #491 (May 29 – June 4)

Our new digest includes the experience of designing a Live Activity and creating an address system, increasing startup speed and multithreading, developing in Japan, Flutter updates, Arabic apps, RuStore locks and much more.

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“This little island changes everything” – Lyft’s Live Activity design experience
• Simplifying React Native development: how useful is CocoaPods?
• You can’t just take and make a normal address system in the application
• Modern navigation patterns in iOS applications
Pet projects, video processing and when to change companies
Apple may introduce new Macs at WWDC
The best way to structure an iOS project
Async/await vs. GCD
Using Layout protocol to align explicitly positioned views in SwiftUI
Swift Concurrency Continuations: Getting Started
Basic Physics in RealityKit: Roll-A-Ball game
Share Swift Code between Swift On Server Vapor and Client App
Why is Swift so slow (timeout) in compiling this code?
How to send Remote Push Notifications to an iOS Simulator with Xcode 14
How to Instantly Track a Variable’s Value Changes with Xcode Watchpoints
Presenting Content In Pages Using SwiftUI
The Ultimate iOS Interview Guide: 16 Comprehensive Questions from Beginner to Senior Level
How to load Lottie animations remotely in iOS using Swift?
How to Find Memory Leaks in Your iOS App: 3 PRO Techniques
Mastering Swift Foundation Formatter API
Performance Trace Profiles in iOS: Debugging performance issues you can’t reproduce
Navigation tools come to the Composable Architecture
Linear Gradient in SwiftUI
iOS App size reduction best practice
Food App SwiftUI: Ready-Made Food Delivery App
Dot Globe: dotted globe
Highlightr: syntax highlighting in Swift


• How we increased application launch speed by 20% using Baseline Profiles
• How I Became an Android Developer at 40
• Multithreading in mobile development
Application in 10 days: MVVM, Kotlin, Firebase
Development in Japan: cyberpunk in reality
Getting started with Detekt, a static code analyzer for Android
Blossoming love for Compose animation
How to architect Android apps: a deep dive into principles
Why Zepeto Chose Jetpack Compose for Their Android App UI
Kotlin Lateinit vs by Lazy
Functional Programming in Kotlin: Exploring Monads and their Real-World Use Cases
Efficient concurrent programming with Kotlin coroutines
Jetpack Compose: HorizontalPager with PagerIndicator & Infinity scroll
Unlocking the Potential of MVVM in Android Development with Kotlin
Intercept Android WebView Request
Gradle Kotlin convention plugins for modularized structure — Shared build logic
Exploring Android Heap allocations in jemalloc ‘new’
Event-Driven Solution in Android Without BroadcastReceiver
Unlocking the Power of Unit Testing in Android Development
Kotlin’s Special Types: Any, Unit, and Nothing
Android Desugaring Made Easy
Color Picker in Compose
Espresso: a nice way to test android UI journeys
Kamel: Asynchronous image loading in Compose Multiplatform
Mina Box: lazy loading in Jetpack Compose

Cross platform

• What’s new in Flutter 3.10, part 1
• Outsource developers and edtech: what bumps did we fill with a course on Flutter, and what conclusions did we come to
Demystifying Flutter’s Local Database Options: A Comprehensive Summary
The most important Flutter 3.10 feature that nobody talks about
Exploring Flutter’s Dynamic UI with AnimatedContainer
Extension you must have for Flutter development


• Halal design: how to make applications in Arabic
• Load2SRE: from load to availability, no performance penalty
How to find the cause of any failure in [iOS] application
Podlodka #320: who needs multithreaded algorithms?
Highest paid app development jobs in May
Apollo could go out of business due to new Reddit API pricing
Microsoft improves Dev Boxes and prepares for launch
Imagine Cup 2023 Winners
System Design Master Template: How to Answer Any System Design Interview Question
25 Awesome Open Source, End User Apps
Clean UI Guide: 10 Examples of Hierarchy and Balance in UI Design
What I’ve Learned About the Pitfalls of Hiring After Holding 1000 Interviews
Case Study: My Journey with Google UX Course — Creating a Remarkable Dog Nutrition Tracking App
The Neubrutalism or Neo Brutalism UI Design Trend
How Much Are GitHub Stars Worth to You?

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• How RuStore can block any application if it reads files
• LTV and carsharing — how we in Citydrive consider the client’s profitability
Why users are switching from Android to iPhone
Character.AI Apps with Personalized Chatbots Get 1.7M Downloads in First Week
Mobile games lost 6.7% in 2022
The App Store generated $1.1 trillion in 2022
Supercell launches testing of new game Flood Rush
How China’s ShareIt became the world’s most popular file transfer app
Ease of use, simplification of life and saving time – why users use brand apps
Giphy in decline – downloads down 70%

AI, Devices, IoT

• Determination of a free parking space using Computer Vision
• Who is a neural network driver and how to become one: a large selection of ML resources for beginners
How AI began to help when choosing things on Lamoda
New Quest 3 Headset Introduced
UpCodes launches Copilot, an AI assistant for building codes

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