Mobile Development Week #490 (May 22-28)

New selection of unidirectional architectures and publishing errors, network layer failures and design patterns, best practices, interface design, Fuchsia state, best paywalls and more!

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Measuring iOS App Start Delays at Uber’s Scale
• About the variety of forms of unidirectional architectures in Swift
• Designing Notifications in iOS: 104 Guidelines
• Swift Concurrency Instrument: how it is useful for an iOS developer
• Building a dependency graph of Objective-C files
• Designing Quick Actions in iOS: 58 Guidelines
Music in iOS applications: development pitfalls
Apple Design Awards Finalists Announced
365 Days of iOS Accessibility
Instant Pan Gesture Interactions
How to Define Custom URL Actions for SwiftUI Text Views
10 More Deadly SwiftUI Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Managing Navigation Between Multiple Modules in an iOS App Using Dependency Injection Containers
Unit Test Gesture Recognizers in Swift
API availability in Swift
Top iOS and Swift Developer Interview Questions for 2023
The Best Way To Structure Your iOS Project
#file behavior change in Swift 5.8
File importing and exporting in SwiftUI
Stop Wasting Time on Unit Testing: How Tokopedia Achieved 8X Faster Results
Handling WebP Images When Using PHPickerViewController
Achieving higher test coverage: Our approach to UI testing on iOS
Pop to root view using Tab Bar in SwiftUI
10 Tips to Get Your App Featured on the App Store
A breakdown of HBO Max’s new iOS app
Realtime UIAppearance refresh
Conditional Compilation for Apple’s Yearly Updates
Build a 3D Bar Chart in SceneKit With SwiftUI
Speed ​​up pods & gem install in Github Action
AWS Amplify: Cloud API (Amazon)
Squirrel: normal scrolling in Xcode simulators


• 12 mistakes when publishing an application in RuStore – and how to avoid them
Speed ​​up coding
• How not to write a network layer in Android applications using automatic generation of OpenAPI
• How to connect Lombok to Android Studio in 2023
Android App Starts Secretly Enrolling Users A Year After Launching on Google Play
Google launches Android app bug bounty program
Popular Android TV boxes have built-in malware
Google I/O 2023: Takeaways for Android Developers
Kotlin development boost with the release of Koin 3.4 and Koin Annotations 1.2 cheat sheet
Proven Prepping for Easy Android Interviews in 2023
How to create Responsive Layouts in Jetpack Compose
ViewCompositionStrategy Demystified
How to Integrate Top Jetpack Compose Features into a Functioning App
PermissionFlow: A Reactive API for knowing the status of Android app permissions
Jetpack Compose Tutorial: Animated Navigation Bar
Android Gradle Build Speed ​​Optimizations Explained
Mastering Place Autocomplete API with Ktor and Jetpack Compose
A Glimpse at Constants in Kotlin
Integrating the PreviewCard with Jetpack Compose on Android TV
Achieving Platform-Specific Implementations with Koin in KMM
From Idea to Implementation: Developing an Animated Carousel with Jetpack Compose
Mastering State Hoisting for Cleaner and More Testable Code in Jetpack Compose
DisposableEffect: Side-Effect API In Jetpack Compose
Android Speech To Text — The missing guide
Detekt – Static Code Analyzer for Android
Android Server Driven UI-XML VS Compose Example & Benchmark
Modern Android Development = Single-Activity Architecture
Building an Expandable Credit Card Information Card in Jetpack Compose
Validate Fields Like a Pro With Kotlin Annotation Classes
Creating Touch Held Down Modifier with Jetpack Compose
How to Test the Navigation Component in Jetpack Compose?
OpenAI API client for Kotlin: multi-platform client with coroutines
Reader: multi-platform RSS reader on Kotlin and Compose
Coffee Drop: coffee UI on Kotlin and Jetpack Compose

Cross platform

• Dart design patterns with code examples. Part 2 + Part 1
• Atomic approach in Unity
Custom lints for your Dart/Flutter project
Unlock Your Flutter Mastery: A Strategic Learning Plan for Success, Beyond Tutorials
Compose Multiplatform — first impression… is not good
How to boost your switch to Flutter? Guidelines from an iOS developer
Dart Course For Beginners
The future of iOS development with Flutter


• Check out the incredible claims of the developers of the messenger app with encryption
7 daily practices of the best developers
• Choose between cross-platform and native development
• What will happen if a programmer has a hobby of cooking. Part 2 + Part 1
• In short, Proxyman: a brief overview of the most apple sniffer
• How to design a good tabbar: 67 guidelines
State of affairs in Fuchsia
Accessibility for everyone
It is fine or how to burn out effectively
Sublodka #321: SQL
Unlocking the Power of JunoDB: PayPal’s Key-Value Store Goes Open-Source
What I’ve Learned After Holding 1000 Interviews
My First Impressions of the Mojo Programming Language
Architecture Principles: An approach to effective decision making in software architecture
Case Study: Glup. Brand Identity and UX Design for Delivery App
The Ultimate Guide to Moodboarding
7 Key UX insights
My Journey to Becoming a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
You Don’t Always Need Indexes

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Best Paywalls for Subscription Apps
Anime makes big money on the App Store
Subscription revenue in AppMetrica
Mobile marketers: Denis Stukov (Citydrive)
The App Store has 1.78 million apps and 37 million developers
• Integration of advertising into the Android application: Yandex Mobile Ads Vs. Google AdMob
Google is increasing ad placement in the Play Store
RuStore announced new features for users and developers
Google Play banned the browser because it can be used to open a pirate site
AI-based review summaries added to Microsoft Store
8 annoying A/B testing mistakes every engineer should know

AI, Devices, IoT

• Comparison of neural networks for translation
• New tools for working with ML models and an overview of MLOps from CERN
• Mission Possible: how Smart Engines trained a neural network to recognize all pages of a Russian passport and find fakes
• KC868-E16T: a balanced solution
• Cryptography for the Internet of Things
Samsung launches new refrigerator model with 32″ tablet
Azure AI Studio offers companies to create their own chatbots based on OpenAI models
$35M in Series A: – AI-driven digital transformation
Free ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Course for Developers

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