Mobile development week #484 (April 10 – 16)

In this episode, streaming and old smartphones, number masks and traffic research, microservices architecture, a closed community for open projects, the launch of ChatGPT analogues, Amazon’s AI programming assistant and much more.

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Before it became a stream – talk about setting up streaming
Chain of Responsibility pattern and its implementation in Swift
Automating Swift command line tool releases with GitHub Actions
Writing a Web Browser from scratch
Debugging Code
iOS Conf SG 2023 Videos
Context Menus for Tables
Use an Enum to Decode JSON in Swift
Building a Twitter Clone With SwiftUI in a Weekend
Group and sort Swift collections like a pro
Metatypes in Swift
Creating a custom Combine Publisher to extend UIKit
Separate View from the ViewController in Swift
How to Use If Case Let in Swift Without Losing Your Mind
How to Create Custom Redacted Effects on Widgets
Mastering Canvas in SwiftUI
Maximizing Mobile Code Reuse with Compose Multiplatform and MOKO Libraries
Cyclomatic Complexity in Swift: Understanding How it Affects Your Code Quality
ChatGPT integration in Xcode: How to improve your Apps with AI
MarkdownUI: Markdown text in SwiftUI
Swift Power Assert: Power assertions for Swift


• An ecosystem for itself: how I adapted an old smartphone to modern realities and wrote clients for the services I need
How We Reduced Android App Launch Time by 77%
How to reduce the size of an Android application
• How we improved app self-defense thanks to KNOX
• The newer the better: how we moved from GSON to Kotlinx.Serialization
• What does an Android developer do, or stop asking them for algorithms
• Component approach. Organize navigation using the Decompose library
• My TOP Android emulators review, comparison
• How to set up automigration in Room
Compose Optimization
• Custom View in Android – quick guide
• Creation and testing of an annotation processor and code generator on KSP
• Neural networks and Android: how to create and use them in mobile applications
How to learn to program for android from scratch
Android Studio Flamingo stable version released
Google releases first public beta of Android 14
Android will automatically archive unused apps
Hackers sell malware for the Google Play Store
Mercari cuts 355k lines of code with Jetpack Compose
Customizing Compose Pager with fun indicators and transition
Clue’s development speed improves 3X after rebuilding the app with Jetpack Compose
Spotless and Ktlint for your Android app
How to Implement Navigation in Multimodule Projects for Android
The “Real” Modularization in Android
One more permission-Android14
All about Google Accompanist
Testing flow
Kotlin Coroutines Recipes
Building Beautiful App Interfaces with Scaffold in Android
Tips and Tricks for optimizing Android app performance
5 ways to prepare your app build for Android Studio Flamingo release
Drawing a Polygon on the Map in Android
Exploring Kotlin 1.8.20
Kotlin DSL is Now the Default for New Gradle Builds
What is Gradle Kotlin DSL?
Google’s account switcher with Jetpack Compose
Pocket Shop: eCommerce for Android
Rebugger: why recomposes happen
Stream Result: railroad success/failure handling for Kotlin

Cross platform

• Phone number input masks on Flutter
Video Flutter Weekend Study
The Best Resources for Learning Flutter From Scratch
Secure Your Flutter Project: The Right Way to Set Environment Variables with Compile-Time Variables
The Holes In Flutter 4.0 And Why It Matters
Dart 3.0.0
45+ Best Open Source Flutter Games
Responsiveness in Flutter, the Right Way


• Study of https-traffic of a mobile application
• How we build the architecture of microservices for the SberBusiness mobile app
Mobile SRE: what to reload when there is nothing to reload
DivKit. Server driven UI. Olga Kim. Yandex
Difficulties of architecture, platforms and their study
Meta* Releases Buck2 Build System
VK opens recruitment for a summer paid internship
GitHub launched a closed community for authors of open projects
VK opened the VK Teams communication platform for developers
Snapchat lenses are coming to Microsoft Teams
Programming language Zig entered the TIOBE Index Top 50
Raspberry Pi releases code editor for kids
How to make a dark theme in the application in 7 steps
How to Practice LeetCode Problems (The Right Way)
Don’t future proof your code
15 Interface Animation Rules: What Does Each UX/UI Designer Must Know?
3 challenges that every design system faces and how we solved them using 3 different tools
Revamping the User Experience of Rare Rabbit App: UI/UX Case Study
Tabby: Self-hosted AI programming assistant

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Customers should not make decisions about the product, but confirm the correctness of your decisions
• How powerful was my A/B test, or why you shouldn’t compare observed uplift with MDE
• What to choose for a novice HTML5 developer: comparing Russian playgrounds
AI Chatbot Revenue Grows 4184%
South Korea fines Google Play Store for anti-competitive practices
Free ice cream boosted Dairy Queen downloads by 1.350%
Apple weather app crash boosts The Weather Channel downloads by 566%

AI, Devices, IoT

• Launching ChatGPT analogues on a home PC in a couple of clicks and with an interface
• OpenAssistant: A free open alternative to ChatGPT has been released
• The problem with AI is not that it is too smart, but that it is impossible to understand when it is stupid
Amazon Opens CodeWhisperer AI Assistant to Everyone
The developer created a “self-healing” program that fixes itself with the help of AI
Apache released IoTDB 1.1

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