Mobile Development Week #473 (January 23-29)

Our new digest for mobile app developers! It is about the human factor in Swift and accessibility, functional thinking and the new Logcat, Flutter novelties, smart tests, store development and much more!

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Minimizing the human factor in Swift
• Using Makefiles for Swift projects
• Combine: part 1. Dive into reactive programming
• You can’t just take and write a useful iOS framework … Or is it possible?
Video Do iOS 2022
SwiftUI Layout Protocol – iOS 16.0+
How Senior iOS Engineers Style Code: Performance And Clarity
Create Your First Swift Package Command Plugin
Facade Design Pattern in Swift, and Its Important Use-Cases
Swift Learning Roadmap 2023 – The Ultimate Guide
Using Tuples to do Sorting Operations in Swift
Create a UINavigationController With a Gradient as a Background
Dynamically Change App Icons for a Unique User Experience with SwiftUI
Three Ways to communicate via WatchConnectivity
Enhancing mobile app user experience through efficient caching in Swift
Refactoring an MVVM iOS app into VIPER
Slice that Collection: A Swift guide
New Scanning and Text Capabilities with VisionKit
How To Speed ​​Up Swift By Ordering Conformances
The Nested Observables Problem in SwiftUI
ChatGPT in an iOS Shortcut — Worlds Smartest HomeKit Voice Assistant
Multi-select Filter in Swift
Prevent copy & paste into other iOS apps
Increase App Performance (Method Dispatch iOS)
Store an Array of Custom Data Types in Core Data With Transformable and NSSecureCoding
Big O notation in Swift
SwiftUI Shimmer: SwiftUI Shimmer
SwiftUI Navigation: Simplifying Navigation in SwiftUI


Making the Airbnb Android App More Accessible
• Functional thinking
New Logcat: 5 Features for Efficient Android Debugging
Reverse Engineering and Analysis of Android Applications: A Step by Step Guide
• adb: tap, swipe and two smoking events
Creative coding with Kotlin and Compose
Android 14 will block outdated apps
Google changes Android policies in India
Jetpack Compose and Composable Preview
Connecting Android Apps with Server using gRPC
New Logcat: 5 Features for Effective Android App Debugging
Learning Android’s Room Database Made Easy
WebSockets in Android with OkHttp and ViewModel
Higher order functions in Kotlin – Under the hood
Slowing down your code with Coroutines
Testable Database Repositories in Kotlin
Mastering Exception Handling in Android Development: Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Stability and Security
Reverse Engineering and Analyzing Android Apps: A Step-by-Step Guide
Jetpack Compose Migration: Best Practices and Strategies
Making Airbnb’s Android app more accessible
Optimize or Die. Profiling and Optimization in Jetpack Compose
Jetpack Compose for Wear OS
5 Beginner Testing Mistakes
JWT Authentication and Refresh Token in Android with Retrofit Interceptor & Authenticator
Behavior Driven Mobile Testing
How to Make the Firebase Database SDK Work Better With Kotlin
Jetpack Compose Codelabs: Hands-On Compose Training
Myne: Free Books for Android with Jetpack Compose

Cross platform

• Update Flutter 3.7: translation of the official release and comments
• Creation of WEBGL Vkontakte application on Unity
• Yandex Maps and React Native. Part 2. HUD and map methods + Part 1. Installation and primitives
• Connecting SignalR to Unity
The future of the platform on Flutter Forward: new graphics, WebAssembly and RISC-V
The number of React Native apps has halved
Build an Animated Soccer Rating Hexagon in Flutter
Creating inclusive apps with Flutter: Best practices for accessibility
Practices to Simplify Flutter App Development in 2023
Playful typography with Flutter
Flutter – Navigate with GoRouter
What’s new in Flutter 3.7
Dart – What I Learned From (Re)Learning It
Adapting Wonderous for Landscape
1Coin: money management on Kotlin Multiplatform


Make tests smarter, not harder
• Tenebris: 7 circles of indie development hell
• The race for children’s watches and what does the cat have to do with it?
• 20 tips for game developers from game developers
RuStore: app store development
How to Become a Mobile App Developer: Career Guidance
Podlodka #304: .NET part 2
GitHub has 100 million active users
The highest paid jobs in January in the field of application development
Current UI trends: how to impress users with your designs
I Removed 500 if Statements With Functional Programming
Free certifications for developers
What is the hardest thing in software development?
Coding is Not Enough: The Importance of Investing in Domain Knowledge
Best 6 geometric font for your next clean interface design
This is How Snapchat Breaks UI Principles
How to reduce the bloated testing process
TARS: A product metric game changer

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• Six Reasons Your A/B Tests Are Not Working
• Sometimes gamification leads the wrong way: down with streaks
• Analysis of the balance of My Mini Mart
55 million installs in 3 years: business on mobile applications in the niche of photo / video editors
$4.6 million: Oneleaf hypnosis app
Niantic launches NBA All World
Retargeting launched in VK Advertising
Uninstall apps in App Uninstall Report 2023 by AppsFlyer
Meta* vs TikTok – where is it more efficient to promote a Russian-language app on iOS?

AI, Devices, IoT

• How Yandex learned to recognize what is written in handwritten archives
• Starting Electronics: Arduino webserver guide. Part 3. Controlling an LED from a Web Page
• Smart home at minimum wages
• IIoT solutions for ESG – 3 scenarios in which wireless sensors help to live and work
• UX/UI research of the metaverses. Part 1
• Tabular classification and Apple ML regression
Microsoft cuts VR teams

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