Mobile development for week #530 (March 11 – 17)

In our new digest, moments of unresponsiveness and routine automation, linter rules and the legendary mobile GPU, how and where to practice as a novice mobile developer, research on applications with subscription 2024 and much more. Connect!

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Test Driven Development (TDD) for bug fixing
• SwiftUI lessons (part 4)
You can make a paywall in the alert. But it's probably not worth it.
• Cocoapods pod install without internet on CI using Tuist
Moments of unresponsiveness of iOS applications: how to find and fix them
Swift lessons: creating a horizontal menu with an indicator
Apple allows apps to be distributed from websites
The SwiftUI Cookbook: Best Practices for State Management in SwiftUI
VisionOS 1.1 released
How to build a draggable bottom sheet with a scroll view in SwiftUI
Everything you need to know about Swift 5.10
Concurrency Recipes
How to Dynamically Construct Complex Predicates for SwiftData
Aspect-Oriented Programming in Swift
Implementing a TV Guide with SwiftUI
Exploring SwiftUI: Creating a Scope View using DragGesture
Global actors in Swift
Using Apples OpenAPI Generator to Make and Mock Network Calls in SwiftUI
Navigation between modules in iOS
Understanding visionOS
Using @_silgen_name to call private Swift code and improve build times
Tips and Considerations for Using Lazy Containers in SwiftUI
Local SPM – Mastering Modularization with Swift Package Manager
From Slow to Fast: Profiling SwiftUI Applications for Peak Performance
SwiftUI Performance Optimization: How to manage Data Flow and UI Updates in your iOS and macOS apps
MapKit with SwiftUI – Regions, Markers and Annotations and CameraPosition
MapKit with SwiftUI – Map Destination Persistence and MockData
How to get started with Swift Macros
Paginating SwiftData
Do you know what view.layoutIfNeeded() actually does?
Swift Playdate Examples: Examples of Playdate game development in Swift
Swift Translate: Automatic translation of String Catalog
Concurrency Recipes: Swift Concurrency Issues


• Automate the routine in Android development: a plugin for creating template code using the example of creating -api -impl modules
Stop arguing in Code Review – start implementing with linter rules
• Pig in a Poke: Mastering SQLite Foreign Key Error Handling
• Android application on Compose from scratch: Part 2 (UI)
• Fastlane for Android developers
• Drag and Drop in Jetpack Compose
• Educational program on nested scrolling in Jetpack Compose
• KatWalk C2: part 2, let's eavesdrop, spy and sniff, or how to communicate with unfamiliar hardware in an unfamiliar language
Interview on Kotlin
Ultron – Android UI and Compose testing framework
Collecting rake when profiling Android applications
Google I/O 2024 will take place on May 14
Cleaning up your Android project to reduce APK size, speed up builds, and improve the development experience
New Fused Orientation Provider provides accurate device orientation data
How to create Glovo-like main screen animation using Jetpack Compose
Kotlin Design Patterns: Abstract Factory Explained
Designing your account deletion experience with users in mind
Downloadable and Preloaded Fonts on Android
State of Dependency Management in Android Studio
Hilt, ViewModels & Assisted Injection
A Weekend AI Project: Running LLaMA and Gemma AI Models on the Android Phone
Monetizing Marvels: A Developer's Guide to In-App Purchases on Android
ANR in Android & its types
A comprehensive guide to understand Kotlin Flows
Going edge-to-edge with Compose without losing it
The Night's Watch: Safeguarding store operations
Trim, Transcode, Concatenate: Your Guide to Media3 Editing Libraries
How to Drag and Drop using Modifier.dragAndDropSource/Target – Jetpack Compose
Unit Testing Tutorial for Android: Getting Started
Seven recipes to understand flows and asynchrony in Kotlin
Now in Android: 100 – Android 15 DP 1, Stable Studio Iguana, Cloud Photo Picker, and more
What's new in Android Studio Iguana
Google for Games Developer Summit 2024
How to Create a Document Scanner App with MLKit
If You Think THIS Is a Best Practice, You're WRONG in 99% of the Cases
The Missing Library of the Compose Multiverse
Making Data Visualizations More Accessible
Imperative, declarative, object oriented, functional: four of a Kotlin kind
Appteka: an alternative app store for Android
Kotest: a powerful, elegant and flexible Kotlin testing framework
Legado: reader for Android

Cross platform

• Integration of native SDKs into a Flutter application
• How to quickly receive data from Aurora OS via the D-Bus interface in a Flutter application
• What's new in Flutter 3.19
• Working with Data Assets in Flutter
• Extension methods in Dart
Collections in Flutter
Making a 2.5D game using Flutter — Tutorial
Building a Flutter SDK Part 2: A Deep Dive Into
Flutter: Offline playback for video_player
How to manage Keystore Paths in Flutter (Android)
Goodbye PWA, Hello PWA – Apple And Progressive Web Apps
Leveraging Key-Value Observing in Kotlin Multiplatform for iOS
Slint v1.5 — a modern, declarative GUI toolkit — released with Android support
I made LAN file sharing app using only Dart and Flutter


• The first legendary mobile GPU: what was PowerVR MBX Lite? We are writing a demo game about Lada from scratch
Discord opens SDK for built-in game and app development
• How and where to practice as a novice mobile developer
How to Find Great Senior Engineers
• Quiz app: Cardoteka implementation and basic design patterns with Riverpod
How to make decisions, build teams and choose development tools – Pavel Shchedukhin (Ozon Tech)
Public interview on System Design
Mobile infrastructure. A look from the inside
BDUI – pleasure or pain?
BDUI 100%: managing shimmers from the backend
Stashpad launches developer notebook with collaboration
In 2023, Google paid $10 million for searching for vulnerabilities
How Google ruined its open culture and compromised its product
The most important goal in designing software is understandability
You're not a weak developer if you don't always show off your technical excellence
Context-switching — one of the worst productivity killers in the engineering industry
How It All Goes Live: An Overview of Discord's Streaming Technology
How Khan Academy Scaled to 30 Million Users
Winning a hackathon, losing my sanity
Why software projects fail
Back End Developer Roadmap 2024

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Subscription Apps 2024 – RevenueCat Report
Google Play announces new features for games
How AI-powered personalization will take mobile app promotion to the next level
Apple is testing AI in its advertising platform
Apple Unlocks Epic Games Account Again
Analytics of a new turnkey product
Turning organic success into long-term revenue
Abysmal revenue stats of 30K mobile apps show why devs keep pushing for subs

AI, Devices, IoT

• KC868-A8M: 8×8, GSM, RTC and other goodies (plus CAN for fans)
• Secure exchange protocol for industrial systems CRISP: support in Rutoken devices
Microsoft opens free access to GPT-4 Turbo in Copilot
Using my new Raspberry Pi to run an existing GitHub Action

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