Mobile development for week #515 (November 13 – 19)

In this digest for mobile developers, we turn the pages and improve the quality of the code, protect and examine the code, explore the new release of Flutter, create a design system, autotests, and determine the “performance” of advertising networks.

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10 Quick Tips to Improve iOS Code Quality: Part 1 + part 2
• Add tips to the application using TipKit
• Scrolling through digital pages: UIPageViewController
• Swift refactoring
Apple will add RCS support next year
Showing the Photo Picker in SwiftUI
iOS 18 should be the most “ambitious and compelling” yet
SwiftUI Cookbook: Trimming Views
Progress towards the Swift 6 language mode
On-Crash Backtraces in Swift
SwiftUI: Displaying a Photo Picker
Localization in Xcode 15
SwiftUI at Airbnb: A Case Study
Beyond the Code: Exploring the Innovations of Swift 6
The idea of ​​a Fastlane replacement
Glovo’s Large-Scale App Development: An In-Depth Look
Mastering App Store Submissions with Fastlane Deliver
The complete guide to iOS & macOS development in Neovim
Handle TabView data in a type-safe way with Enums
Preparing your App for Voice Over: Accessibility Value
Why mobile apps need a good abstraction?
Unit Test Expected Failures in Swift
SwiftUI: How to trigger animations from outside the View scope?
Inspecting Xcode’s build system graph at ease
Mastering ViewThatFits
How to update widgets for StandBy mode
SwiftData: A Comprehensive Guide to Data Persistence in iOS with CoreData
Animatable Dual Axis Graph
Introducing Inferno: Metal shaders for SwiftUI
Building Complex Scroll Animations With New iOS 17 APIs
Data Structures in Swift
How to Refactor Your Code with Late Let and Defer
Introducing Inferno: Metal shaders for SwiftUI
Adding Snapchat-Like Filters to a Video Calling App using SwiftUI
Build DALL·E 3 AI WhatsApp Sticker Generator SwiftUI App
Building Complex Scroll Animations With New iOS 17 API’s
SwiftData Dynamic Sorts and Filters
MaterialTabBar: material TabBar on SwiftUI
Swift Protobuf: Protocol Buffer for Swift


• Android application code protection. When you wanted the best, but it didn’t work out so well
• Kaspresso for the little ones
Using Ktlint in your Android project
• Setting up Selenoid to run UI tests on Android
Performance comparison between Compose and View
• Mythbusters: How stores actually check applications for vulnerabilities
• How to make friends between JUnit 5 and Robolectric?
• Dividing the presentation layer of a feature into modules in an Android application
• Through the jungle of development, or how I tried to write an application
• Application for mobile teams: “thick client” and half a million lines of code
• The Brooklyn Bridge. Why generate C++ on Kotlin
• Dive into Smali. What Java and Kotlin look like from the outside
• Quick start in assembling metrics for builds in an Android project
Android Storage: Toolkit Review
Squaring the Circle on Google TV
Navigation Drawers for Android TV using Jetpack Compose
Reactive Programming in Kotlin – Flow
The many faces of Kermit
Apply Ktlint To Your Android Project
Adding Konsist and Ktlint to a GitHub Actions Continuous Integration
Navigating Pitfalls — When to Use derivedStateOf with remember(key) in Jetpack Compose
Android: Jetpack Glance with Hilt
Android WorkManager: Popular Interview Questions and Answers
Compare Compose and View performance
The secret to Android’s improved memory on 1B+ Devices: The latest Android Runtime update
Understanding Kotlin’s Special Types: Any, Unit, and Nothing
AIDL: The Android Developer’s Bridge Between Processes
BasicTextField2: A TextField of Dreams
Ace your live coding interview: Android
5 quick animations to make your Compose app stand out
Kotlin Sequence vs Collection: Which to choose?
Bringing New Input Support to Desktop AVD
Are you sure you know how Kotlin Flow works?
Component-based Approach. Fighting Complexity in Android Applications
The latest updates to power your growth on Google Play
New APIs for adaptive layouts in Jetpack Compose
Understanding Eventbus with kotlin Flow
Now in Android: 95 – Google Play requirements, Animations in Compose, Passkeys in Android, and more!
How to Build an Animated Splash Screen on Android – The Full Guide
Top 3 Coroutine Cancellation Traps That Lead to Errors In Your Android App
Practical magic with animations in Jetpack Compose
Twitter UI Clone: ​​Twitter interface on Jetpack Compose
Orbital: Jetpack Compose Animations

Cross platform

• Simple but scalable State Management for Flutter
• How we switched to cross-platform in the middle of the project and met the deadline
• New lint in Dart 3.2
• Flutter 3.16: what’s new
• Animation of loading images in Flutter, or how to make shimmer yourself
Embracing Stable Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) with Koin
Flutter: Seamless Header Navigation from AppBar
8 Steps to Follow When Building Your Next Flutter App
Flutter localization: step-by-step
Building Responsive UIs in Flutter: A Short Guide
What’s new in Flutter 3.16
Introducing the Flutter Casual Games Toolkit
LocalSend: a cross-platform alternative to AirDrop


• Gravity UI design system: how to easily build your own interface
• What’s wrong with Aurora – the Russian mobile OS
• How to make automated tests flexible and concise
• Should QA be able to write code?
GameDev and Aurora OS. Porting the game
What’s new in the Aurora 5 OS interface: controls and interaction patterns
Avito Tech Managers meetup #1
I passed the interviews at Google… How?
Octoverse 2023: annual report from GitHub
Windows 1.0 is 40 years old
Building In-Video Search
Smoothing Out The Bumps: My Journey of Setting Up CI/CD for Android and iOS Apps
Framing: The 1 most important communication concept every software engineer must know
How one line of code caused a $60 million loss
How I escape what 99% of programmers can’t
Writing code for MS-DOS with Borland Pascal 7
My favorite coding question to give candidates (and why)

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• Mobile super apps are beneficial for corporations, but they are a nightmare for ordinary people
RuStore became the first inclusive Russian application store
SplitMetrics bought App Radar
Microsoft introduced Loop, its Notion competitor
$11.5 million Series A: Sunnyside – smart drinking with AI
AppsFlyer Performance Index 16 Published
Why benchmarks are useless
Nothing Phone will release an exclusive application for working with iMessage
App Store Award finalists announced: best apps and games 2023
Digital Turbine invested in the Aptoide app store
Researching Callsheet Revenues and Installs

AI, Devices, IoT

• Getting into Machine Learning from scratch for zero rubles: what, where, in what order to study
• Midi station and voice control of Zigbee devices without the Internet. Development history
• Jurassic Park through the eyes of a neural network: how to deploy Diffusers to generate images in 10 minutes
• Display for Arita or the secret of the four jumpers
• Network device management: Orange Pi, OpenWRT and Python
$16 million in seed round: Codegen – automation of development tasks using AI
An Android Developer’s Introduction to Machine Learning

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