Mobile development for week #513 (October 30 – November 6)

This digest contains Yandex Cup tasks and complex features, stable Kotlin Multiplatform and interviews at SberDevices, one-person startups, games using neural networks, interactive widgets and much more!

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How I became an iOS developer
• Analysis of problem A of the qualifying stage of Yandex Cup 2023 – iOS
• How to create interactive widgets on iOS 17
Painting buttons is not like turning trees
SwiftUI Cookbook: Shadows for Views
Approaches to layout in UIKit
All Swift Connection 2023 videos
Show Callers in Xcode 15
Automerge for Swift
Combine charts to create stunning designs with Swift Charts
Hacking iOS Alerts in Swift
SwiftUI Tutorial: Keyframe Animations for iOS 17
How to get a SwiftData model container and context in SwiftUI
Packaging Libraries in iOS: A Comprehensive Guide v2
Seamless Flow: Streamlining iOS Projects with CI/CD Tools and Tactics
How to setup your Xcode project for testing with Unit and UI Tests in 4 simple steps
SwiftUI: Introducing MVI How to Easily Implement MVI in SwiftUI
Server-side Swift? Why not?
Builder Design Pattern in iOS
Singleton Design Pattern in iOS
The Future of Accessing User Location in SwiftUI
The curious case of ShareLink with plain text strings
Modular Navigation in SwiftUI: A Comprehensive Guide
Using Real-World Analogies to Demystify Creational Design Patterns in Swift
How to Observe Data Changes in SwiftData Using Persistent History Tracking
Mastering iOS Debugging with User Defaults
New SwiftUI Photo Picker – Single & Multiple Selection
SwiftData CRUD Operations
How to solve nested Observable Objects issue
Swift Connection 2023 Videos
Cleaner, Safer Code with Swift KeyPaths
A Tour of Xcode Cloud
An Easier Dev Life with Kaleidoscope
touchHLE: High-level iPhone OS emulator
Moya: network abstractions for Swift
Aidoku: an open source manga reader for iOS


• Bytecode made easy! How to Make DI Really Fast
• What happens if a team that has never seen Compose decides to make a new complex feature using it?
• To help those who dive into Smali
• How to make Espresso tests more readable and stable
• How to style text on Compose via Spannable
• How to implement broadcast pausing and background streaming on Android using an open source library
Interview with Mikhail Levchenko
Managing State Complexity
Google has published new data on the distribution of Android versions
CatGPT — or How to Position Elements on Overlays
Building a Speedometer with Compose Canvas API
Harmonizing Modifiers in Jetpack Compose: A Tale of Flexibility and Usability
Material Design Components for Android 1.10.0
Regional Preferences in Android 14
Beyond MVVM: Hierarchical State Management with Molecule and Compose
How to create list sections with animated shapes
A step-by-step tutorial in codelab format for Android UI testing
Kotlin 101: Unit Tests Cheat Sheet for Paging Library and Room Database
Finding the Right Balance in Gradle Dependency Strategy
Avoid Primitive Obsession in Kotlin with zero-cost abstractions
Simple and secure sign-in on Android with Credential Manager and passkeys
How to Use Render Effects in Jetpack Compose for Stunning Visuals
Kotlin Coroutines vs Threads Memory Benchmark
The Syntax Chronicles: Implementing Google Sheets API in your Android app
Kotlin 1.9.20 Released
The Android Backstage of Mercado Libre Warehouses
Hilt Version 1.1.0
Best Practices For Writing Testable Code In Kotlin
Now in Android: 94 — #TheAndroidShow, Jetpack Glance, Google Play policy updates, and more
AndroidX, Gradle and Metalava – Android Developers Backstage
When Should You Migrate to Jetpack Compose?
3 Clean Code Hacks I Bet You Didn’t Know
What’s new in Kotlin 1.9.20
Making Threads for Android
Kotlin & Android Development Course: Build a Quiz Application
ComposeNumericRoller: Animate numbers using Compose
FlorisBoard: open keyboard for Android

Cross platform

Kotlin Multiplatform has become stable
• Kotlin Multiplatform has moved to stable. What does it mean?
• Padding vs SizedBox. What to choose for layout of Column and Row indents
• Is it possible to do without native languages ​​when developing in Flutter and RN?
• How to use the native payment service SberPay in a cross-platform application on Flutter
• Flutter. Local database
• Flutter and working with native code using the example of a library for working with NFC
Writing Swift-Friendly Kotlin Multiplatform APIs
Embrace Functional Programming with /Dart 3.1/
Build SwiftUI apps for iOS and Android with Skip
State Management With Provider
Flutter Integration Testing and CI/CD
Building a Compose Multiplatform app with an Architectural pattern
Exploring Flutter’s new Sliver API: A Comprehensive Guide
12 Image Tips and Best Practices for the Best UX Performance in Flutter
Networking in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Using Ktor
How to create a Flutter plugin step by step
Flutter: State Management with pure MVVM
Kotlin Multiplatform by Tutorials
Ahead of the Curve: Rubikkube’s Kotlin Multiplatform Journey
A Complete Guide on “Login with WhatsApp” in Flutter Apps (w/ backend)
Skip: Swift/SwiftUI transpiler to Kotlin/Compose


How interviews work at SberDevices – Maxim Sidorov
• Not Unity alone…
• Backend Driven UI from the backend point of view: what to prepare for if you decide to switch to it
$5 million in seed round: Factory – automation of the development lifecycle using AI
Backend Driven…Analytics!
Podlodka #341: text rendering is cursed
Registration for the programming Olympiad for schoolchildren “Technocup” is open
10 success lessons from one-man startups
Making reusable components without making them reusable
Use Abstraction to Improve Function Readability
The most valuable trait of top software engineers
6 Software Engineering Templates I Wish I Had Sooner
Advice to a newbie programmer
10 Mobile App Projects to Elevate Your Skills to Senior Developer Level
Tech Interview Handbook
Sheet, dialog, or snackbar — what should a designer go for?
Redesigning Swiggy’s new user onboarding — A product design case study
How Discord Stores Trillions of Messages – Curious Case of System Design
The Worst Code I Ever Wrote, And Why I’m Still Happy About It

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Flavrs, with the help of AI, wants to become the main platform for eaters around the world
Click, Download, Play! How to use gameplay to create performative creatives: part one
The most downloaded and earning applications in Russia in October 2023
Google and Match Group reach settlement in app store antitrust case
Unity’s Runtime Fee debacle caused 15% of its US advertisers to jump ship
The creative testing blueprint: Strategies for high-impact ad campaigns
Mastering search engine optimization for your mobile app
3Q23 Mobile Ad Network Trends

AI, Devices, IoT

• From idea to implementation: creating a game using neural networks
• Smart home on Raspberry Pi and Home Assistant: adding dimmers and relays Wiren Board
• 8 power consumption profilers for embedded and IoT systems
• The discreet charm of ClimateGuard CG Mini
• LYWSD03MMC: ZigBee network on thermometers
Quora’s Poe launches affiliate program for chatbot creators
Apple introduced M3 series processors
Apple M3 Pro is slower in memory than M1/M2 Pro
Fixing the Volume on my Bluetooth Earbuds
Local AI Stack: Building Local AI Applications

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