Mobile development for week #506 (September 11 – 17)

In this release, shaders on iOS and a game under 1 MB, Spotify without ads and simple habits of the best engineers, new payment in Unity, the fastest growing apps in September, a social network for friends only and much more!

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Want virtual macOS on your PC? I have them
• Shaders in iOS for beginners
• iOS 17 is coming soon, look at the statistics on old versions
Swift lessons: default avatar like in Telegram
Acceptance of placements in the App Store for the latest OS versions is open
The SwiftUI Cookbook: Understanding Views and View Hierarchies in SwiftUI
Shake to undo in a SwiftUI app
SwiftUI Sensory Feedback
Develop with Cocoa for Apple Devices without using Objective-C
SwiftDataKit: Unleashing Advanced Core Data Features in SwiftData
An Architecture for Behavior-Driven Development in Swift
SwiftUI Guide: Triggering Actions Solely on First View Appearance
Theming SwiftUI applications
SwiftUI Clean Architecture 101
Vending Non-Mutating Data in SwiftUI
If and switch expressions in Swift
Beginner’s Guide: SwiftUI and Additional Essentials
iOS Interview Guide: Swift Initializers
Unsafe Memory Access in Swift
How To Visualize The Safe Area
Working With UIViewRepresentable
StateObject vs ObservedObject
Different ways to map over Dictionary in Swift
Understanding Container Background for Widget in iOS 17
Using expanded SwiftUI support for MapKit
Comparing SwiftUI @StateObject, @ObservedObject and iOS17 @Observed macro
Simplifying iOS App Invocation Handling with Swift: A Comprehensive Guide
Level up your SwiftUI – Easy improvements you can apply to any SwiftUI app
SwiftUI Tag TextField
How To Use SwiftData with Preview
Scrolling Charts in iOS 17
SwiftUI: Hide Navigation Bar On Swipe
EmojiPalette: Emoji picker for SwiftUI
SDWebImageSwiftUI: Loading images in SwiftUI
UI Examples: examples of beautiful UI


• I wrote it myself, I played it myself: how did I write a 2D game for Android completely from scratch, weighing less than 1MB?
• Microsmartphone for 100 rubles: We buy an 11-year-old smartphone and… write applications for it
How I removed ads from the Spotify app
• Protobuf vs Reflection
Mock interview Middle Android Developer
Android developer interview: Maxim Kachinkin (Dodo Engineering)
What’s new in Android 14 for developers
Android 15 will provide access to battery data
How we made SPACE INVADERS: World Defense
Android Studio for Platform – IDE for AOSP
Paging 3 on Android
How We Made SPACE INVADERS: World Defense, an AR game powered by ARCore
Understanding Density-Independent Pixels
Complex SemanticMatchers for Compose UI Testing
Kotlin Contracts: Empowering Your Code for Better Quality
Gradle and Java Version Compatibility: A Beginner’s Guide
Intro to Polymorphism with Kotlinx.Serialization
Google MLKit: Quick and easy Face Detection in Android
Automate screenshot testing for Compose previews via reflection
Building the WhatToEat Experience on Android
Success Story: How FlowMVI has changed the fate of our project
Parallax effect in Jetpack Compose
Animate borders in Jetpack Compose
Building Media-Rich Android Apps with MediaCodec and Vendor Extensions
Jetpack Compose for Wearables — Developing UIs for Smartwatches
How to automate SDK testing and sleep through the night — a sensor simulation story
Security Tips for Android Developers
How Qualcomm Added Audio Offload Support for ExoPlayer
Automate screenshot testing for Compose previews via reflection
Don’t Make These 2 Mistakes With Lists in Kotlin
Swipeable Tab Rows – UX With Material3
Android Jetpack Compose: The Perfect Splash Screen
ComposeShadowsPlus: shadows for Compose
AAY-chart: charts for Android and Kotlin Multiplatform

Cross platform

• Flutter on Aurora OS
• Does it make sense to start writing a mobile application not in Kotlin Multiplatform and Compose Multiplatform?
• Flutter – CI/CD Azure + App Center
• PWA vs Native: a checklist to help you choose
• Puro – an effective way to manage Flutter versions
• Innovations in the Flutter 3.13 framework. Part 2
Compose for iOS under the hood
Compose Multiplatform for iOS and Android
Flutter Dev Podcast #42: DCM. What’s new?
Flutter State Management: Provider, BLoC, GetX, Riverpod, GetIt and MobX
What is BuildContext in Flutter
5 Advanced Architecture Patterns you should know as flutter developer
AdMob UMP SDK in Flutter — Implement your GDPR dialog
Integrating React Native as an SDK into a Native Android App
How to Improve Performance in Flutter: Replace SizedBox with Compile-Time Constants
Introducing the Flutter Consulting Directory
Exploring the Expandable Menu Package in Flutter
LÖVE: a wonderful framework for creating 2D games in Lua


• How SberPay works under the hood
7 Simple Habits of the Top 1% of Engineers
Unity introduces a new payment system for developers + What worries developers about the Unity Runtime Fee? (TL;DR)
• What’s wrong with interface designers. Is there a difference between a UX/UI and a product designer?
• Testing of the internal mobile application “On Connection”
How to Avoid Cheating at Work: 5 Effective Strategies
The Debugging Dilemma — Why So Many Beginners Give Up on Programming
Golden age of UX is over?
The Best Filter UI Design for Large-Scale Apps
Death by a thousand microservices
Philosophy of coroutines
How to use Strings Method to improve any UI design
How mobile apps illegally share your personal data

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Tyranny of the margin user
Yandex open sourced the AppMetrica code
Sensor Tower made layoffs
Getting online: how games are becoming social networks for zoomers and millennials
Top fastest growing applications in Russia in September
Most downloaded apps in August 2023
• Entering the global market: adapting the interface for RTL
Favs – a social network just for friends
Shopping collages are moving from Shuffles to the main Pinterest app
Amazon is bringing back in-app purchases to Android
Slingshot – quickly send photos using a slingshot – how I made a product for Apple again
• In-app purchases – for what and why? Analyst’s view
Yandex introduced Yandex Mobile Ads SDK 6
5 ways to improve your product analytics data

AI, Devices, IoT

• AI agents with self-reflection
• We create subtitles for any video on the Internet using a neural network in the browser
• Development of generative AI systems based on the ML Platform: creating a competitor to ChatGPT without millions of investments
• Control of servos, part 3. Controlling PWM/PWM servos from the GPIO connectors of computers using the example of Repka Pi

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