Mobile development for the week #497 (July 10 – 16)

The new release brings useful tools and application modularization, user-centric performance and near-manual DI, a new Office font, blockchain on Google Play, prompt engineering at scale, and more!

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Using the @backDeployed Attribute to Extend Function Availability
• Useful iOS debugging tools
What should iOS developers do in Russia?
• Unit testing in iOS: everything you need to know. Part 2 + Part 1
SwiftUI Repeatable Button
SwiftUI 5: What’s New In ScrollView
Build A To Do List App using SwiftData (Swift Data Tutorials)
Becoming an “iOS-lite” developer
Build a Live Activity Realtime Polls App with Firebase & APNS Push Token
SwiftUI Data Flow with the new Observation
SwiftUI Search Bar — How to work with searchable in your iOS and macOS apps
SwiftData Suprises
Advanced Animation in SwiftUI under iOS17
How to use String Catalogs for pluralization in Swift
Radial Gradient in SwiftUI
iOS: UI Testing Strategy and Tooling at Reddit
Build A To Do List App using SwiftData
Dependency Injection Demystified
Creating a Circle Loader Animation in SwiftUI
How to Use Material Nodes in Reality Composer Pro’s Shader Graph
A few Xcode debugging tips
Unidirectional flow in Swift
Floating Action Button in SwiftUI
Mastering SSL Pinning in Swift: No Third-Party Libraries Required
Protocol Oriented Programming: Prioritizing Flexibility and Reusability
Learn how to unleash the Power of Automatic Grammar Agreement in Swift
Find unused code in Swift
Implementing Dark Mode and using CGColor
Backend Driven Development for iOS Developers
SwiftUI 5: What’s New In ScrollView
iOS Architecture Essentials: Choosing Between Closures and Protocols
The Ultimate Guide to Building Scalable SwiftUI Apps: Master the Art of Modular Architecture
Swift HTTP Types: Working with HTTP Requests in Swift
Queryable: ML search for photos on iOS
ScrollViewLoader: Infinite List for SwiftUI


Modularizing Mobile Applications at Scale
User-centric mobile app performance
• How I Stopped Worrying and Loved Errors in Kotlin Coroutines: The Myths of Error Handling in Coroutines
• Making an Android emulator through Terminal: a step by step guide
How to avoid chaos: navigation as a separate logical level
• From threads to coroutines: how and why the synchronization primitives in the Kotlin language have changed (Part 1)
• Store paint wisely: how to organize resources in a multi-module project
• Manual DI in Kotlin? Easily! Almost…
Google Play Allows NFTs
Android 14 Beta 4 released
Now in Android: 86 – Google Play at I/O, Pixel Fold and Tablet, Google Developer Expert
WorkManager – Android Basics 2023
Blast Off: Managing Hundreds of UI Updates for an Emoji Cannon
A Guide to Filament for Android
Eliminating coroutine races
No Mocks Allowed
Learn rememberCoroutineScope – Mastering Side Effects
Getting Started With SQL Delight in Android Development
Boost your Android Developer Workflow with Chat-GPT!
Demystifying Kotlin’s Channel Flows
10 Questions and Answers about ViewModels in Android
Unlocking the Art: A Guide to Generating Code with Kotlin Symbol Processor
Implementing in-app subscriptions and products using Jetpack Compose
Whatsapp Home Screen Design in Jetpack Compose
Cracking the Kotlin Interview
Android Custom Tab Material Layout With Dynamic Padding
Mastering Kotlin: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Productivity Ninja
How we improved our Android apps performance by up to 24%
Android unit testing at Zenjob
How to create a chatbot with Firebase Firestore and ChatGPT on Android
Android App Optimization: Strategies for Performance and Battery Efficiency
Deep Dive Into Android OS Fundamentals
My Takeaways From The Droidcon Berlin 2023
InnerTune: Music Player for YouTube in Material 3

Cross platform

• The State of Kotlin Multiplatform
• Using Provider, Riverpod, Bloc(Cubit), Redux, MobX in one simple example
How to build an iOS framework from source files in Kotlin
Kotlin Multiplatform in Production
MVI Compose Multiplatform Contacts List App With Photos (iOS & Android)
A New React Native Development Approach – Part 2: The “How?”
Jetpack Compose Multiplatform Android & iOS
Flutter for Web Development: Building Responsive and Feature-Rich Web Apps
How the GetIt service locator package works in Dart
How To Manage State In Your Flutter App With State Groups
Redwood: multi-platform reactive UI for Android, iOS and web


• How to stop infinite scrolling, and whether to do it
Application Analysis Threads
• My story: developer at 16
• In simple words about the basic principles of SRE
• What is the difference between testing on emulators, farms and physical devices
Games people play in job interviews
Podlodka #324: holacracy – self-organizing teams
42% of programmers don’t overwork
Evernote lays off all US employees and moves to Europe
How a designer launched a product and did not find a product market fit
Microsoft Office will have a new default font
Super app evolution: Building a platform-based ecosystem for holistic user experience
This Happens? You’re Too Old To Be a Programmer
Developers Need To Enjoy The Struggle
Invisible Details of Interaction Design
The 8 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Programmers in 2023
Confirmed: Code Coverage Is a Useless Management Metric
Mastering Design Patterns: A Guide to Writing Cleaner Code
27 Must-Read Software Development Books for 2023

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Unleashing the Potential of SKAN 4: Optimizing Campaigns and Preparing for the Future
App ad spend to reach $94.9 billion in 2025
Solving Chess Problems with Chess Puzzles Set: Exploring the Application
User verification brought Instagram more than $15 million
Most downloaded apps in June 2023
Case “Bread Manor”: developing your own mobile application for a chain bakery
New Developer Nation Survey
• Localization of games using ChatGPT – inexpensive and high quality. Hyde
• How to create a popular game on Google Play

AI, Devices, IoT

• Neural networks break into medicine
• Smart panel Sunton 7″ based on ESP32S3
Stable Doodle from Stability AI turns sketches into images
Google’s NotebookLM adds AI to your notes
Code Interpreter became available to all ChatGPT subscribers – “now everyone can become a data analyst”
CodeGen2: a new open-source model for coding
GPT Prompt Engineer: Prompt Engineering at Scale

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