Mobile development for the week #489 (May 15 – 21)

Our new digest includes secure localization and multi-module applications, 2GIS performance and Tinder design system, design patterns, all videos of the autumn Mobius, effective interfaces, application revenues and much more.

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Secure localization of strings in iOS: Localinter
How to use CoreMotion to get touch data
SwiftUI dataflow with examples
• Multi-module iOS application: approaches to organizing inter-module interaction
• Using the Command Line Tool on Swift in an iOS project
How Apple fought App Store fraud in 2022
Attempting to connect a tvOS app to an iOS app with DeviceDiscoveryUI
Parallax header effect in SwiftUI using CoordinateSpace
Spotlight on: Passkeys
Statically-typed JSON payload in Swift
Learning SwiftUI, when you already know UIKit
Exploring the Composable Architecture Framework
SwiftUI Picker, Toggle, Slider and Stepper Fully Explained
How to build UIKit like MVVM-C Coordinator hierarchy with SwiftUI
Closures Vs. Combine Vs. Async Await
Apple: Send us your feedback and report bugs
Measuring Ping in iOS Apps: A Simple Solution
Integrating SwiftUI in UIKit: Seamless Data Communication
How to identify parts of speech and names in a text with Swift
Downloading fonts on iOS
Ranges in Swift explained with code examples
“That little island changes everything”
iOS Interview Prep 1-8
A complete failure of MVVM+C in SwiftUI
Mock Generator Development With Using Mockolo Library
Step-by-Step Jenkins Setup for iOS in 2023
How to improve iOS build times with modularization
Control Room: Managing Simulators in Xcode


• Performance 2GIS for Android
• How to create animated shaders in Jetpack Compose
• When to use the derivedStateOf function from Jetpack Compose
• Q&A for the Kotlin interview. Part 4 (3, 2, 1)
• Authorization OAuth 2.0 in Google Api for Android without special libraries
• Matrix of Destiny (competencies) of an Android programmer
• Implementation of the progress bar when sending or downloading files
ViewModels in CustomViews: how to change application functionality in a couple of seconds
@Stable vs @Immutable and animations on Compose
Gradle Review Show
10 Open Projects That Will Make You Love Jetpack Compose
• Jetpack Compose: Expandable Text
• Picture in Picture Mode in android. Show video in a mini-window
Create Custom Jetpack Compose Animations
Migrating to Jetpack Compose: a step by step journey
Why do you need ViewModels and why don’t you
Introducing the Android UI design hub
Using Kover for Effective Code Coverage in Kotlin Projects
Technology Radar 2023 For Android Developers
Network Connectivity Service using callbackFlow and Jetpack Compose
Using PreviewParameters and providing Composables to Jetpack Compose Previews
Get Current User Location in Jetpack Compose Using Clean Architecture
Android Dependency Inversion – Avoid rewriting your app
Understand Drawing Arc of A Path In Jetpack Compose Canvas
Exercises in utility: Jetpack Compose Recomposition
Making Graph Plotting Function in Jetpack Compose
Simple implementation of Material 3 switches in Preferences
30 ideas to reduce your Gradle Build times
How I added Gamepad Support to Android Virtual Device
Illuminating Interactions: Visual State in Jetpack Compose
ViewCompositionStrategy Demystified
Kotlin Sealed Interfaces: A Deep Dive into a Powerful New Feature
Handling Android Permissions in Repository
Authentication Handling with Ktor in Android
Purr: view and search logs on Android
Telephoto: Working with Images in Compose
Shady: AGSL shader gallery

Cross platform

• How Literes made me a Flutter developer
• Useful Snippets for a Flutter developer
• How I adapted the game to the screens of mobile devices
• Dart design patterns with code examples. Part 1
Flutter hits 1 million published apps and ramps up web support
Using Compose for a UI component in a SwiftUI screen
Dart 3.0: An exciting step towards greatness!
Dart 3.0: Best New Features & Why You Should Care
React Native: Ultimate Guide to Create a Home Screen Widget for iOS and Android
Comparing M2 mini vs. M1 mini vs. Mac Pro
Dart 3: A Comprehensive Guide to Records and Futures
How I won Telegram’s $50,000 Sticker App Contest using Flutter
Six-Sided Puzzle: Flutter puzzles


All videos of Mobius 2022 Autumn
• How we came up with and launched joint trips in Yandex Go
30 Tips for Effective User Interface Design
• ChatGPT and reading books in the original
My entire 20 year career is tech debt or legacy code
• How a designer can get a job at Uber (part 2) + (part 1)
• Introduction to 3D User Interface Design
IT’s Tinkoff product meetup: lifestyle
Podlodka #319: how to optimize the complexity of algorithms
Google Embeds Codey AI Assistant in Colab
Developers are increasingly getting advice from AI rather than Stack Overflow
Tips and tricks for exploring a new codebase
Designing a Step Goal Live Activity
Why an Engineering Manager Should Not Review Code
Why We Over-Engineer Software (and How to Break the Habit)
Steve Jobs: You Were Wrong About The Best Developers
Maybe That Code Isn’t “Clever”, Maybe You Aren’t!
Building Obsidian, Tinder’s Design System
5 types of bad product managers that no one talks about
Fundamental Differences of Compose and SwiftUI
The Rise of the Serverless Monoliths

Analytics, marketing and monetization

App Revenue 2023: report
• One service to connect with everyone, or how I integrated the game with VK and got a little carried away
The frfr app soared to the top of the App Store in the US
“My dog ​​can be stolen by a pigeon”: we learned terrible things about dog owners while we were making a mobile application for them
Convenient onboarding in a mobile app

AI, Devices, IoT

• Designing an ML service for predicting stock quotes
• We turn an apartment from a developer into a smart one
• Using neural networks for your recommender system
• Integration with MTS NB-IoT infrastructure. Theory and practice. Part 1
OpenAi releases ChatGPT mobile app for iOS
Stability AI Releases StableStudio, an Open AI Image Generator
Stability AI added Stable Animation SDK
$20 million in seed round: Together – open generative AI models
Intrinsic Flowstate – Industrial Robot Programming Platform

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