Mobile development for the week #483 (April 3 – 9)

In our new digest async/await and code generation for Kotlin, Flutter perspectives, dark theme solution, -10x engineers, game mechanics, humanity after GPT-4 and many other materials.

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Swift async/await. Why is it better than GCD?
Activities and Attachments in XCTest
Apple is preparing an update to the Control Center
Apple has suspended production of the M2
Swift 5.8 Released
Using UIHostingConfiguration Without Cell Views
10 Advanced Swift Interview Questions – With Answers
The Composable Architecture – Best Suited Architecture For SwiftUI
SwiftUI Flow Coordinator pattern with NavigationStack to coordinate navigation between views
Over Engineering
How to achieve dynamic app icon in iOS?
Debugging tool you (probably) are not using
Sharing content in SwiftUI
Introduction to Actors in Swift: Origins and Backgrounds
SwiftUI: The UnsafeObservedObject Quiz
Merge, CombineLatest, and Zip: Comparing Operators of Combine for iOS
The Many Flavors of Unidirectional Architectures in Swift
What is a ProjectedValue in SwiftUI?
Drag and drop transferable data in SwiftUI
Enums: Use Cases of Enums in everyday programming
Migrating to The Composable Architecture (TCA) 1.0
SwiftWhisper: Port of Whisper by OpenAI
SwiftFormat: formatting Swift code
TwitterTextEditor: text editor for iOS


Android Development Basics in Revolut
Creating a Reddit Recap with Jetpack Compose
• Creation and testing of annotation processors (with code generation) for Kotlin
• How to reduce APK size
• Jetpack Compose Layouts part 2
Profiling your I/O
Apps in Play must do deletion of accounts in the app and online
Kotlin 1.8.20 Released
Grounding Beliefs
Bringing seamless authentication to your apps with passkeys using Credential Manager API
Faster Kotlin APIs on AWS Lambda
Using Deeplink and UI Testing in Jetpack Compose Navigation
Securely Create Android Release using Github Actions
Migrate from MVVM to MVI
Exploring Animated Content and Crossfade in Jetpack Compose
Building Reddit Recap with Jetpack Compose on Android
Inline, noinline, crossinline, reified in Kotlin with examples
Jetpack Compose – Respect the contract of Modifiers
Testing Kotlin Flows in Android using Turbine
Aspect ratio with reference in Jetpack Compose
6 Design Patterns Every Android Developer Must Know
The Unit Testing Diet: Start with BDD and Do Not Mock
How to build a time picker with Jetpack Compose
Setting up ViewPager in Jetpack Compose
Android User Interface Samples: UI Creation Examples
Compose Media: composable components for Media3

Cross platform

• Prospects for the development of Flutter
• Create an Instagram clone using Flutter and Feeds. Part 1
• Setting up Fastlane in React Native
The Top 3 Flutter Example Apps: Things to Know
QR Auto Login with Flutter
Create a Hacker-Proof Email App in Flutter with OpenPGP Encryption
How to handle one-time UI events with Bloc in Flutter
Alpaca’s, Llama’s and Dart
For Better Performance, Replace SizeBox with Compile-Time Constants


• Once and for all about the dark theme or why you “really” need a dark theme
One year of indie development
How to become -10x engineer
• 3 examples where accessibility helped make money, highlight errors, and resolve disputes
• A shortlist of myths about mobile application security and the undisguised truth
• Own mobile application: from idea to development, promotion and development
• How to effectively test mobile applications? Five-level testing pyramid
Yet Another Mobile Party (YAMP)
Mentoring in IT
Podlodka #314: Are programmers needed if AI writes code
Why team leads are needed
Clean or fast code?
$3 million: Dozer – Build real-time data applications in minutes
March’s Highest-Paid App Development Jobs
Delicious redesign: how we made the foodtech app “Eat Village” in 1.5 months
GitHub Copilot is Code Cloning 2.0
“Data driven” decisions aren’t innovative decisions
Designing the new era of Teams
From Monolith to Micro-frontends: How we Revolutionized REA Mobile App Development
16 System Design Concepts I Wish I Knew Before the Interview

Analytics, marketing and monetization

• How to build CJM: the best way to look at the product through the user’s eyes
• Do the game mechanics work?
Messenger adds multiplayer games to play during video calls
Mobile App Trends 2023: Global Benchmarks
Substack launches Notes, its counterpart to Twitter
Leading Chatbot Apps Earn Millions
Product vision through storytelling

AI, Devices, IoT

• After GPT-4
• Humanity versus artificial intelligence: can the development of neural networks lead to disaster?
• How coding with machine learning will (not) change everything
• Six experiments with neural networks – from Midjourney to Notion AI
Microsoft built ChatGPT into the SwiftKey keyboard
American teenagers are not enthusiastic about virtual reality: only 4% use it daily
Roadmap for Data Engineering 2023

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