Mobile development for the week #480 (March 13 – 19)

In our new selection, mistakes of novice developers and lack of work for those who work, rolling into game development and rolling out GPT-4, mobile games 2022 and much more.

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How to Localize All Your iOS Apps into 20 Languages ​​in 5 Minutes
• We analyze the mistakes of novice iOS developers
• How companies prepare for the modularization of iOS applications
Smart Camera: How to Embed Text Recognition for the Blind in an iOS App
Fear and Loathing in SwiftUI
Subscription Guidelines
iOS Data Protection APIs, Using Swift
The relationship between UIView and CALayer
Xcode Tip: filtering debugger output
TaskGroup error handling in Swift
SwiftUIТs .task modifier
Test Plans are now Default for New Projects with Xcode 14.3
Building Large-Scale Apps with SwiftUI: A Guide to Modular Architecture
Using Swift’s Type System To Model Behavior
Exploring Physics With SpriteKit and SwiftUI
5 reasons I still feel SwiftUI is premature
How to Handle Tap Gestures on Widgets?
Managing Data Models in iOS Apps
How To Deprecate APIs the Right Way
63% improvement on Bitrise build time for iOS
Clean Code vs. Performant Code
Address resolution options for iOS app development
iOS debug session: Direct field offset
Integrating Rust Library Into Swift Code
Short Tutorial in Accessibility Inspector
Mastering Dependency Injection in Swift: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls
TCA, The next iOS Architecture?
Factory: Containerized Dependency Injection


Automating dependency updates in a Compose project
• Approaches for creating an access control system for Android devices. What has changed in 2023?
How to write your own DI container in Kotlin
Google opened the Open Health Stack for developers
What is Delegation Interface in Kotlin?
Railway Oriented Programming in Kotlin
Random Musings on the Android 14 Developer Preview 2
Create a custom Theme with Jetpack Compose
Extending the Android SDK – SDKExtensions
Automating dependency updates in a Compose project
Mastering Android App Performance: Analyzing Bottlenecks with Perfetto
How To Build A Rideshare App Like Uber
Sampling Profiler & Rogue case of App Profiling
How the introduction of notification runtime permissions in Android 13 affects conversion from push notifications
Packaging Native Code with Prefab: A Solution for Imported Prebuilt Binaries
Mastering Android App Performance: Analyzing Bottlenecks with Perfetto
Modern Android Development in 2023
Yet another pitfall in Jetpack Compose you must be aware of
Understand Kotlin Sealed class better!
Enhancing Android TV Playback Experience with MediaSession
Using the plugin pattern in a modularized codebase
Building Server-Driven Mobile Apps With Nimbus SDUI
Android Permissions Made Easy
Bring Your Video App to Cars
Tips and Techniques for Developing High-Performance Android Apps
Scrcpy: display and control Android from computer
Retro Music Player: Music Player for Android in Material You

Cross platform

Flutter Dev Podcast #40: Flutter 3.7
• Moving to Flutter: pros and cons
How to write Flutter apps faster with Riverpod Lint & Riverpod Snippets
Preventing Memory Leaks in Flutter: Best Practices and Tools
Is Flutter going to kill React Native?
State Restoration of Flutter App
The Best Flutter Performance Tips you can Find


I’ve been in tech for many years, but almost never worked
• How to get into game development for a beginner cog
• I update the link one month, or there are no easy tasks
ChatGPT for developers – how to use AI in practice
• How we made audio calls in the application for employees
• Where do you see yourself in 6 years of testing?
• How to make a harmonious, useful interface and save on development
• How much Russian developers get
Customers, platforms and technologies
Key differences between Junior, Middle and Senior developers
Google found critical vulnerabilities in Samsung modems
$10M Series A: Zed Collaborative Code Editor
Is mobile development dead? – Discussion on Reddit
Is it worth it to say in an interview that you have already solved such a problem?
Your team needs a better balance between starters and finishers
The Case Against Relying Solely on DRY
Visualizing direction and the use of arrows
Navigating New UI: How to Ease Users into Major Changes
How to Grow Really Fast as a Software Engineer
Awesome Ktor: Resources for Learning Ktor
Macige: Continuous Integration Patterns

Analytics, marketing and monetization

Mobile Games 2022 – Sensor Tower Report
Analytics as a product: measuring analytics with metrics
Unkillable mobile analytics
Oscar increased Paramount+ downloads by 80%
From Excel to App Store: How I Took My Budget Management Product for a Spin

AI, Devices, IoT

• John Carmack took on strong AI – and he has a special approach. List of fundamental literature to start
• How to bring up a GPT-3 model at home
Big language model on your computer – the moment of Stable Diffusion continues
• LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI)
• Real-time clock on a single-board computer using Repka Pi 3 as an example
AI will write wedding speeches in the wedding planning platform Joy
Google stops selling Glass Enterprise Edition 2
$350 million in Series B: Adept – AI for computer control
OpenAI Releases GPT-4
Duolingo introduced new features based on GPT-4

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