Mobile development for the week #472 (January 16 – 22)

We are back with the first “mobile” digest of the new year. It features custom layouts, secure Swift and the KMM experience, what to expect for developers, types of testers, State of Mobile 2023 and more!

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Apple Machine Learning (ML). “Create ML”
• Faster Apple Builds with lld Linker
• Creating a custom layout in SwiftUI. Intervals
Safe Programming in Swift
BA Video: Swiftable 2022
• Create a VIPER template using Generamba
Utilizing Makefiles for Swift projects
Stress testing on iOS with xcmonkey
Understanding SwiftUI view lifecycles
Building custom layout in SwiftUI. basics.
Mastering charts in SwiftUI. basics.
On the new Point-Free swift-dependencies library
Composable Architecture
Swift Learning Roadmap 2023 – The Ultimate Guide
Custom Popup in SwiftUI
Top 10 mistakes Swift developers do
iOS Project Structure Like a Pro
How to Update or Refresh a Widget?
SwiftUI: NavigationSplitView
Task Groups in Swift explained with code examples
ArraySlice with range operator and Prefix in Swift
Swift: Unit Testing Fatal Errors
Safe Coding in Swift
Validation With Regex in Swift 5.7 Using SwiftUI and Combine
How to create Sound Wave Animation with TimelineView and Canvas in SwiftUI
Control Your SwiftUI App With Face Recognition Using SceneKit
iOS App Security Best Practices
How I Optimize Memory Consumption for Content-Rich Apps
The Secrets of Hashable in Swift
Top 10 mistakes swift developers do
AutoLayoutBuilder —My Swift Package to Reduce Boilerplate Code
Drawing with UIKit’s UIBezierPath
Nuke: uploading and displaying images
Swift Dependencies: DI inspired by SwiftUI


• Volvo SCT / part 1 – how to get into someone else’s core
• How the Activity works. Part 2 + Part 1
• How a front-end developer can become a mobile developer, or Translating the React API into Jetpack Compose
• Navigation state in Jetpack Compose
Android App Mods: Instander & Google Camera by The Dise
Android Studio Electric Eye released
Process Death & Orientation Change in RecyclerView
Integrating Google Maps, Places API, and Reverse Geocoding with Jetpack Compose
How to Avoid Dependency Conflicts in Android Multi-Module Apps
Mastering The Gradle Dependency Tree
Building a Language Learning App with Compose
How to make a complete app / site association with Universal Links
Setup A Self Modifiable List Of Data In Jetpack Compose
Concurrency vs. Parallelism Using Kotlin
How to Avoid Dependency Conflicts in Android Multi-Module Apps
Applying Kotlin context receivers
Jetpack Compose state deconstructed
The State of Navigation in Jetpack Compose
Writing Slack in Jetpack Compose and Kotlin MultiPlatform
Handle the onNewIntent in Jetpack Compose
Is your app providing a backward compatible edge-to-edge experience?
Lessons Learned After 3 Days Debugging Jetpack Compose SwipeToDismiss
Pattern Matching in Kotlin is Awesome
Detecting Android memory leaks in production
I Think I’ve Given Up On Android
KConMapper – How To Automate Mapping Function Creation With Kotlin’s KSP
Kotlin Data Class
HttpRequest: HTTP client for Kotlin
WebRTC in Jetpack Compose: Live Video with WebRTC and Compose

Cross platform

Experience with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) at 9GAG
• Red brick platform: how to set up the environment in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile
Flutter Course: Getting Started as a Flutter Developer
• UI Router in Unity
How Fast Is React Native New Architecture?
50 Flutter Interview Question for 1 year experience
If you want to master React Native
VS Code for Flutter hacks that will blow your mind
My Experience with Flutter as a Native Android Developer
Flutter and ObjectBox – High-Performance NoSQL Database
Material 3 for Flutter


Complete the Developer Nation Survey and win new gadgets
• How bagaton reduced the number of bugs for us from 900 to 950
• My experience of developing a program for playing checkers using the minimax algorithm
• But it’s (not) accurate: what mobile developers can expect in 2023
• Types of testers
• Server-driven UI, Triplex and JSON: how Sber brings services to mobile applications
The Full Stack QA Path
Podlodka #303: .NET, part 1
Podlodka #302: onboarding
VK opens a set for free practice for schoolchildren and students
Programmers are most often satisfied with their salary
Companies in IT have indexed salaries by 15% over the past year
Nucleus simplifies the microservice management process
Intermediate Data Engineering Road Map 2023: Big Data, Cloud Computing, and More
Today’s Software Developers Will Stop Coding Soon
The Dangers of Over-engineering
A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at Canva
A Response to “Stop Using If-Else Statements”
Clean UI Guide: 15 White Space Design Tips
The three most important lessons I’ve learned as a UX Designer in 2022
Designing an Effective User Onboarding Experience
Awesome Software and Architectural Design Patterns: Best Design Patterns

Analytics, marketing and monetization State of Mobile 2023 Annual Report: 255 Billion Installs, $167 Billion Spending
Developers released 1.6 million apps and games in 2022
Mobile Marketing Trends 2023
Subscription Apps 2023 – RevenueCat report
Consumers are loyal to experiences, not brands
• The Mann-Whitney test is the biggest enemy of A/B tests
• 99 Game Monetization Tips – Part 2
Discord bought Gas, a social app for teenagers
$2.63 million: Slay – Anonymous compliments for teens
Hinge and Tinder are testing expensive subscriptions
Paid apps appeared in RuStore
FAS fined Apple $17 million for banning third-party payments
Developers have earned $320 billion in the App Store since 2008

AI, Devices, IoT

• Microcontroller control via telegram bot with feedback
• Interpretability of ML models: from tools to user needs
• What and how to do with watering at a smart dacha?
• Simple (not very) humidification of the apartment
Smartphone shipments in 2022 fall to the lowest level in a decade
Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro
Touch screen could be added to MacBook
Neural networks select work – what is the future of programmers with ChatGPT

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