Mobile development for the week #469 (December 5 – 11)

Our new selection of Airbnb transition engineering, dream drawing and new prices in the App Store, Activity work and the failure of the first game, feature phones in Africa, which categories are growing in the recession and much more.

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Motion engineering to scale
Easy localization process in Xcode using Google Sheets
• Making smooth scrolling in loaded tables
• Bottom sheet: Scrolling and interactions
• Draw a dream
• clipped() has no effect on touch testing
• Creation of custom layout in SwiftUI. caching
Tuist: from monolith to uFeature
Lottie 4.0 for iOS released with Core Animation support
Apple Announces Biggest Pricing Update in the App Store
Create a Basic Shortcut using App Intents
Using vulnerable libraries in iOS apps
UI/UX Design: The Dynamic Island
Build a HealthKit App Using SwiftUI
Embedding Python interpreter inside a iOS app and publish to the App Store successfully
Simple Localization Process for Xcode with Google Sheets
Implementing address autocomplete using SwiftUI and MapKit
Customize iOS Simulator for Test Automation
My personal (opinionated) iOS Interview Questions
ChatGPT Does SwiftUI
Finding Memory Leaks in Mobile Apps
Pass data using NSNotification in Swift
Using ImageRenderer to Convert SwiftUI Views into Images
Code Your Own ASCII Art With SwiftUI
Guide to Unit Testing with Async/Await in Swift
Getting Started with Xcode Cloud
Setup a 3D Chessboard With SwiftUI and RealityKit
Motion Engineering at Scale
How to: Create a bank-level security blur screen with SwiftUI
Chromecast from iOS using GoogleCast SDK
SnapshotTesting: testing snapshots in Swift
CodeScanner: Scan QR and Barcodes in SwiftUI


• How the Activity works. Part 1
• Making a custom Collapsing Toolbar on Jetpack Compose
Advent of Code 2022 in Kotlin
Multimodularity and Koin 3
Google explains how Private Compute Core works in Android
Transitive Dependencies and Play Store Policy Violations
Kotlin Coroutines use cases for Presentation/API/UI Layer
My life after `afterEvaluate {}`
Memory Safe Languages ​​in Android 13
Dynamic Multiple Base URL with Annotations | Android
This simple trick to return multiple values ​​from Kotlin Functions
Designing Slot APIs in Jetpack Compose
Blurring the Lines
7 Android Resources To Level Up As a Developer
Introducing the Architecture Templates
Modernize Your Android App With The Single Activity Pattern
There’s a new operator in Kotlin!
Bottom Sheet in Jetpack Compose
Creating a custom keyboard for sharing custom content in chat applications
Dark Theme in Jetpack Compose with Material 3
Compose for Wear OS 1.1 is now stable
Stream Log: logs in Kotlin
VLC for Android: Player port for Android
Circuit: Compose-driven architecture for Kotlin and Android

Cross platform

• Flutter, creating a Home Widget on the iOS platform
Top 3 Floating Action Button Packages for Flutter
Enabling Facial Recognition in Flutter Apps
Implement a simple spell checker system in Flutter
Implementing Clips on iOS and Android
Decorator Design Patterns For Dart & Flutter
Scrum Testing Methodology In Flutter
Building a perfect Boilerplate Flutter Project from scratch
Flutter | Clean Application Architecture
Building Native Modules for React Native with Kotlin and Swift
Building Games in Flutter with Flame: Getting Started


• How I launched my first mobile game and failed
Down the Wrong Path: The Disaster of Duolingo’s Latest Update
• Suggestion: What is missing from the testing principles
• Development of games on Kotlin Native. Part 1
Product and product
The IT bubble has burst. What should junior developers do?
Podlodka #297: functional architecture
The Future of Augmented Reality: Snapchat monetizes lenses
1×1: about mobile development in Yandex
Designing the best developer interfaces
TLDR explains what the code snippet does
KaiOS Receives Africa Expansion Investment
Clear Code: How To Write Code That Is Easy To Read
How I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional exam
Why Do Many Developers Consider Scrum to Be an Evil Scam?
The Importance of Code Ownership
Avoid these ship-sinking coding practices
No More Leetcode: The Stripe Interview Experience
I Don’t Know What Serverless Is Anymore
7 behavioral UX approaches encouraging sustainable purchases
Firebase is Overrated. 5 Alternatives that are currently killing it
One Click Install For Stable Diffusion UI 2.0 – Run Locally
5 Tools That Make My Life Easier When Writing Code
The Hidden Cost of High Salaries in Tech

Analytics, marketing and monetization

SKAN 4: Everything Advertisers Need to Know
Recession-defying apps and categories
Telegram Premium has collected more than 1 million subscribers
SubHub Podcast #17: Andrey Rebrov (Scentbird)
$26M in Series B: Chattermill – AI insights from customer reviews
$30 million: Zoe is a scientific approach to healthy eating
Recommendations and thematic collections appeared in RuStore
Indie App Santa Offers Discounted Indie Apps
Meditation apps are losing users (but increasing revenue)
Price Testing for Mobile Apps

AI, Devices, IoT

• LoRa one love. Why the standard disappointed public utilities, but entered the factories
• Ventilation control: collect, integrate, save
• What’s inside the laboratory for testing NB-IoT devices
• How to access chatGPT in Russia
• Introduction to the Transformers library and the Hugging Face platform
• About Multi-Drop Bus, say a word or MDB controlled water dispenser
• Kincony KC868-AI: 48 digital inputs + ESP32, ETH, RS232, RS485 and IR and 433 MHz receivers
GitHub launches Copilot for Business
Google added No-code machine learning to Spreadsheets
Apple is phasing out a fully autonomous car

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