Mobile applications for setting up the barrier

Setting up a barrier from a smartphone is one of the main trends in the traffic automation market today. The configuration of the barrier using a mobile application allows you to configure the device without using a PC – directly from your smartphone, which is convenient when working on site. Consider the possibilities of setting up a barrier from a smartphone using the example of ZKBarrier applications from ZKTeco, PERCo. Configuration from PERCo and CONNECT SETUP from CAME, and also compare their technical parameters.

  1. Connection to the barrier

To configure the barrier using the application PERCo.Configuration a GSM / BLE module from the same manufacturer is required, which is connected to the control board of the device. The module is universal: it is designed to control the barrier using the GSM digital mobile cellular communication standard and Bluetooth wireless data transmission technology. The GSM module can also be controlled via BLE technology. The board allows not only setting up the barrier using the application, but also setting up calls via GSM from a smartphone and using a special mobile application – PERCo.Barrier. The application provides the ability to configure settings for access by call. The cost of the module is 6724 rubles.

To work with the application CONNECT SETUP Connect cloud technology is used. Its main advantage is the ability to remotely configure devices, the main disadvantage is questions about the security of data storage.

To authorize in the application, you must enter your Connect account information. A GSM or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth gateway is connected to the RSE or KEY connector of the barrier. The cost of the GSM gateway is 10,500 rubles, the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth gateway is 7,500 rubles. The same gateway is used to implement the access of vehicles on a call. It is not possible to configure call access parameters in the CONNECT SETUP application.

To configure the barrier using the mobile app ZKBarrier Wi-Fi module, purchased separately, must be built into the control board. Information about the module and its cost is provided by the manufacturer upon request. To implement the access of vehicles by call, you need to purchase a third-party GSM module. The ability to configure access settings by call in the application is not provided.

  1. Application functionality

All three applications allow you to implement the following functionality:

  • Changing the name of the barrier and password for access to the barrier

  • Setting the operation of the illumination of the bollard and arrow

  • Setting the delay when closing the barrier

  • Setting the closing mode (by photocell, by timer, by signal, combined)

  • Adjusting the sensitivity of the boom when preventing the closing / opening of the barrier

  • Viewing events about passages and the state of the barrier for the selected period

The following features are also implemented in the PERCo.Configuration application:

  • management of a list of contact phone numbers for organizing access by call

  • barrier SIM card balance check

  • the ability to change the contact list using SMS from the administrators phone

  • assigning and editing a list of administrators

  1. Interface language

Application CONNECT SETUP available in Russian, PER Co.Configuration – in Russian and English, ZKBarrier – in English and Chinese.

  1. Barrier control

With the help of mobile applications, it is possible to carry out not only the setting of the barrier, but also the control of its operation. ZKTeco has a single application for both barrier configuration and control of its operation – ZKBarrier.

PERCo has a special application to control the operation of the barrier PERCo.Barrier. The application is designed specifically for installation on users’ smartphones, due to which it has a simple and intuitive interface. To get started, you need to find the barrier in the application in the list of available devices and enter the password when connecting for the first time. In the future, the password will not be requested. To enter the application, you need to click the “Open” button. After passing through the application, you do not need to press anything – the barrier will close automatically.

CAME also offers a special application Automation to control the operation of the barrier. To authorize in the application, users need to enter the details of the account used on the website. To enter the application, you need to click the “Open” button. After passing – the “Close” button.

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