Mix tracks, add effects in the browser – TwistedWave will help

Last week we talked about the compact AudioMass tool. It allows you to “cut” the audio track directly in the browser. Today we will talk about another audio editor, which also does not require the installation of special applications.

Photo: Sam Moqadam.  Source: unsplash.com
Photo: Sam Moqadam. Source: unsplash.com


Twisted Wave developed programmer Thomas Thierez back in 2007. The working area of ​​the tool is standard – most of it is occupied by waveforms for different audio channels. True, only mono mode is available in the free version. The number of tracks can be increased if you buy a subscription – it costs $ 5-20 per month.

At the top of the screen there are playback control buttons – scroll or loop the recording, zoom in or out on the wave graph – and a menu with editing tools. For example, you can “flip” a piece of a track or add a section with silence to the audio stream.

Screenshot: https://twistedwave.com/online
Screenshot: https://twistedwave.com/online

There is a built-in graphic equalizer – a standard 10-band, covering frequencies from 32 Hz to 16 kHz, as well as a 31-band, which processes the audible spectrum (20-20,000 Hz) as fully as possible.

Screenshot: https://twistedwave.com/online
Screenshot: https://twistedwave.com/online

There are almost forty VST effects in the program library – from compressors and sequencers to reverbs and delays. There are also unusual possibilities – for example, built-in speech generatorwhich allows you to add a synthesized voice to the recording.

Screenshot: https://twistedwave.com/online
Screenshot: https://twistedwave.com/online

The application automatically saves progress (if you register an account), so the work on the track can be divided into several stages. The finished composition can be downloaded to your computer or uploaded directly to cloud storage or SoundCloud. By the way, the program allows you to quickly import recordings from this streaming service for editing.

Other Features

In general, TwistedWave is a fairly powerful editor with a wide range of features. Author updates its more than a decade, expands platform support. So, TwistedWave can be run in a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), on OS X and iOS, and is now Windows app beta test.

Users note that there are bugs in the application, but they are quite rare. Thomas independently handles technical support and personally answers user questions, so he quickly responds to comments. But although the author pays special attention to functionality, he forgot about UI / UX a little, so the program is often criticize for an outdated interface.

In general, the editor can be used by both enthusiasts who want to work on home recordings and professionals to quickly edit an audio track in the “field” outside the studio.

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