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After reading my colleague's article on the corporate blog, I remembered my experience in finding and hiring. Thinking it over, I decided it was time to share it, because By the present moment he had been working in the company for a year and a half, learned a lot, understood a lot and realized. But the university was graduated relatively recently – six months ago. Therefore, I am still in a time when I periodically phoned from the university and asked to come to Open Day as a specialist who got a diploma and found a job, such a direct “clever man and a young man”.

This article will not help you solve the technical problem, this is not a practical instruction for finding a job, with which you will be 100% employed after graduation. It is rather a statement of life experience with a deeper understanding of current events. At the same time, I believe that each of the readers of this article will either recognize himself if he has already passed this path, or will find something for himself if he is only at the beginning of this path.

Start level

So, I’ll start from the very beginning. In 2013, I graduated from high school with good grades, solid knowledge and a desire to study. According to the exam results, the indicator was slightly higher than the average for that year. Having decided on the choice, I decided to go to the budget for the specialty of electronic engineering. Yes, this is not quite what I wanted: I originally planned to go for computer security or communication technology systems, but, alas, (as usual) there was not a couple of points. It was easy to enter a bachelor with a similar specialty – but there loomed “doubts” about the military department: they say, then there may be nuances with getting a military ticket. “Well, okay, a good specialty, there will be knowledge, and then it all depends on me”- I thought at that moment.

Studying at the University

The first academic year began, new acquaintances, new subjects and knowledge. Great surprise was caused by subjects with programming. As it turned out, my specialty involved training in this direction, but there were few hours, the tasks were for children (well, it’s just the basics that could be learned on any video on the Internet in a few hours). At that moment, I realized: if I want to master this path, then I must do it myself, on my own, here and now. I was lucky, and I came across teachers who encouraged the use of programming in their subjects, which increased the number of completed tasks and, thus, the appearance of any kind of experience. The desire to go in this direction to work, and to work in general, appeared already in the 4th year. But, due to the tight schedule and the fact that teachers were strictly absenteeized, this undertaking had to be postponed for a year, so as not to spoil my diploma at the end.

And here he is – 5 year, few couples, teachers have become more loyal to passes, military training was successful (count the military card in your pocket). After weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to actively act.

There were prospects for working strictly by profession, with decent earnings and career growth. But deep in my soul was a dream, there was a hobby that was haunting. And this phrase: “Happiness is when you like what you do,” rang in my head. While at the institute – you could take a chance and get there wherever you want.

I had enough knowledge, one thing was missing – experience. With these thoughts, I began monitoring sites and aggregators with vacancies. At first I watched everything in a row, everything that was without experience. I just looked closely, did not call anywhere, did not write, did not even create my resume. In general, I immediately made a bunch of typical mistakes, lost a couple of months. But then came the realization of the next stage, that you can’t sit back and “wait for the weather by the sea”.

First interview ever

I decided to try myself in 1C, I came for an interview. We talked and talked. As an introductory assignment, I was given the opportunity to complete the entire workshop on book 1C of some author. I flew home, it was something new. It became interesting to me, I began to perform enthusiastically. But, on the third day, the realization came that technologies in this field are limited. Having quickly studied everything, I realized that there will be no further development. Yes, the tasks will be different, but the tools are the same – NOT MY.

Next, I liked the vacancy of a technical support engineer at the well-known Euroset company. He responded, was invited to an interview. The schedule, of course, is not so flexible as stated in the vacancy, but you can live. Successfully passed an introductory test, verification of documents with an employee of the security department. According to the results of the interview, the employer arranged everything and liked everything. We agreed that I would go out in a week, but life decreed otherwise. For family reasons I couldn’t start – I called and warned. This was just the time when I sat down again and comprehended what was happening – NOT MY again.

The search continued. The New Year has passed, the winter session – there is still no work. I already created a resume, employers looked through it – but still could not find the job of her dream, or she could not find me. At this stage of life there was an idea that it was necessary to find at least something. My classmates began to be interviewed by Nokia Corporation as an engineer for servicing cell towers, and one of them invited me. Decent earnings at the start, an office in the city center, of course, I didn’t really like the schedule right now – these are not the usual 5/2, but 2/2! Yes, and with night shifts. But, I was almost resigned. Passed the first stage of the interview. And here…

Dream job

And then I come across a vacancy in Inobitek company, the position of trainee, flexible schedule. Directly flooded in the soul. I felt – it looks like what I was looking for. At that time, the second stage of the interview at “Nokia” was completed, but I decided that it would wait. A job at Inobitek was a lifeline for me, which I jumped with pleasure. A few days later I received an invitation to an interview. Fortunately there was no limit! Despite the fact that this was not the first interview in general, but it was the first to the specialty that I wanted.

And now, that day has come. As I remember now, a sunny March day, the office is warm, spacious, comfortable. The excitement was present, but in this situation, the main thing is not to close oneself, to prove oneself, to answer everything honestly, not to chat a lot, but not to play a yes / no question and answer, but to somehow conduct a dialogue. Of course, perhaps, my candidacy did not even reach the probationer’s role. I had superficial knowledge of the profession, weak English, but I showed one important quality – this is the desire to learn, develop, move forward. Studying at the institute related topics on the diploma and participating in contests, I could connect a few words on the topics discussed. They wanted to take me to the department for the development of software for devices and systems for their implementation in the medical information system. All that was left to me was, after all, to finish my studies for a year, but in fact it was four months with a visit to the university, then the summer session and the last six months is a graduate project (there are no classes, you can visit the university by agreement with the head of the diploma). Therefore, I was offered: “Come on a half rate and with a trial period, and then we'll see" And I agreed!

Combine work and study? Easily!

Next will be the most important part of the article, which will dispel the myth: “Combine work and study? Easily!". Only one who has not tried or opted for one thing priority will say so: either study or work. If you want to study well and at the same time not be “dumb” at work, you will have to work hard and make an effort. Draw up a schedule for yourself: when you should be at school, when at work, because not all teachers will appreciate the fact that you already got a job and do not have the opportunity to visit their couples. Balance is important here, classes should be skipped if you are sure that the problems will not be critical. There were cases that did not miss a single pair in the week, but sat up late at work to work out his hours. This is the best motivation so much that consciousness changes.

But it happened the other way around: the teachers, knowing that you work, respected it. They gave additional tasks, allowed not to attend all classes, and even warned when they needed to appear. I was in such a rhythm for six months.

Then the last stage began – graduate design. Everything was much simpler here: you agree with the head of the diploma that you will go to him, for example, on Saturdays. At work at that moment I already switched to full time. And you actually get six days. But, this is a loud statement, on Saturday you just need to come and talk about successes and failures, and not sit and puff for 8 hours. Although it happened that they sat and puffed there, but this is closer to passing the diploma when the deadlines are on. By the way, if you already work, it’s even more convenient to write a diploma – there is someone to ask for advice, because I chose a topic close to what I did at work so as not to lose time.

And now a year has already passed since the diploma was received. The life stage was passed on “Excellent”, and it was this assessment that I received on defense. In the next article I want to talk about my first technical task, which began my career with Inobitek!

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