Meetup “Engineer walks into a bar”: Dev-to-Teamlead

June 3, 03:00 UTC, online.
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As part of the “Engineer enters a bar” series of meetups, we continue to explore the professional development paths of developers. This time, let’s talk about the transition from engineer to team leader.

This conversation cannot be avoided. The management of your company, HR from a neighboring company, curious acquaintances at the bar – will ask you what you think about stopping being a developer and becoming a team lead.

You agree and it starts: you spend more time at meetings than writing code; you need to do a performance review, 1-to-1 and other psychology with sociology; mentally you try on the stereotype “I was a good developer, I became a bad leader”.

At the meetup, we will talk with the guys who were in such a situation and somehow coped with it.

Let’s discuss:

  • the moment of transition – what was the most difficult and what helped to overcome;

  • deferred difficulties – what were the problems with the accumulation of team lead experience;

  • the next steps after team leadership – who went where next, why exactly there.

Let’s talk about personal experience, who reflected and systematized what, what are the recommendations for developers and leads with different experience, what artifacts can be useful on the topic.

Series “An Engineer Enters a Bar”

We make meetups for those who know how to program and are faced with the realization that IT is not only about programming. In addition to the code, there are people with whom you need to negotiate. There is an ultra-fast pace of technology and market change. You need to constantly learn new things. There is a desire to do the right thing. “An engineer walks into a bar” – meetups for those who think about IT processes, regardless of their role.

We bring engineers together to talk about professional non-engineering topics: how to grow within a company, toxicity, impostor syndrome, communication between engineers and business, and others.

We want to avoid edification and formalism, but at the same time not fall out of the constructive. The closest metaphor is a bar conversation between professionals.

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We are engineers from Miro and DevRel-bureau “Dolgushev and Storozhilov“. We communicate a lot with different IT companies and see how differently everyone answers similar questions. We are interested in understanding, seeing the system (or lack thereof) and discussing all this with other engineers. Well, just talk to interesting people about their experiences.

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