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Answers on questions

– why is the application paid and has a closed source code?

– because the application contains enough functionality to save users money and time. Because open source code only makes sense for modules that are written for programmers, not applications that consist of those modules. Reusing an entire application is very difficult, even for programmers (whatever there are clones). Even if there is a virus in open source code, a million users may not see it. In addition, the application is tested by Google Play protection and does not contain viruses. Media Library doesn’t even collect analytics and ads – it’s the purest app. And the source code is worth millions of dollars. If I post it, it will depreciate.

– how to view and test before purchasing the application?

– This is a standard feature of Google Play. Buy an app. Then you have a couple of hours to use the application and if you don’t like it, then return the money. Personally, I don’t like it. Since the application is complex and a couple of hours may not be enough for testing. But this means that you are not buying an application, but only a subscription to the application, because with another application from the market, you can export the apk of the application and use it for free in the future. You just will not have new versions of the application, but the current one will. This applies to all Google Play apps.

– why do you need to combine many applications in one?

– this makes it possible to introduce new functions increases efficiency and

– where to begin?

– install the player from Google Play or Then add recommended sites. Try to study what is and how it works on these sites. Next, think about how you can create your own website. Create a website (perhaps following the instructions above) and use it with the Media Library. Profit
Or create your own playlist and add the content you like to it. Watch/listen. Profit

As I understand it, because of the war, the application became impossible to buy on Google Play. Therefore, I give promo codes for a free purchase. If you see fit, then transfer any money to the card 5246029383319433

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