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Good afternoon, my name is Alexander Platokhin, I am building a marketing department, but all my life I have been attracting b2b clients, I have scored a bunch of bumps, spilled more than 100 million rubles of the budget on the context and in this post I will tell you:

Why b2b sales don’t work head-on

When you sell an eyelash extension course b2c customer, the decision to purchase, a person can make right here and now. It is clear that you will drag him to webinars and warm him up, then offer him to buy a course on credit … and voila – saleI’m not saying that it’s easy, but the decision is made 1 personmost often the one that clicked on the ad

With B2B is getting harderthe person who found your site, the decision itself does not accepthe will go around the market, compare you with 2-5 competitors, then gather a council of 2-3 people to share responsibility with them for possible jambs, and God forbid, in 1-2 months you will sign a contract, and close the obligations in 3 -30 months, and all this time you need to work on marketing.

Most often, I see a number of problems, solving which, my clients break through the glass ceiling and reach new profits.

Clients need to be warmed “before” and “after” contact

I just love marketing funnels. When you once went to the site, didn’t fill out anything, and then they “squeeze” you very gently, then a video on YouTube will be shown, then a post on a social network, then an article on Habré … and now you are already surrounded by information about the company, and when the decision to buy is ripe, you already know everything about this company, but you “must” study about others, and this is too lazy.

Therefore, we go there, who told everything about himself as cute, even if the price tag is slightly higher than the market, because information = trustwe have already downloaded it.

It is for such a warm-up that we usually make a communication strategy

Communication strategy

I love giving my clients this example.

Relationships with clients are very similar to relationships with a woman (forgive me women), the fact is that both a woman and a man want a relationship, as a client and buyer.

But if we go up to a woman on the street and start yelling our offer in her face “I am single, I earn 200k, I have a car, an apartment, I like to travel, I want children” or something like that, then we won’t see anything but an escaping back … although, let me remind you that the woman was not against relationships in principle.


In any communication “Context” is important, that is, under what circumstances this or that communication takes place. If we meet a girl in a cafe where she came with a friend, this is a more appropriate context than an elevator or subway.

Therefore, when we start communication with clients, it is extremely important to catch him in the context where he expects it, ok?


Smoothly we approach to my favorite piece. Where are B2B customers found? Now I will give you a list of “reservoirs” where to catch them

Once, we needed to sell fertilizer, a lot of fertilizer. All I did was pay 86,000 rubles for mailing to 86,000 email addresses – subscribers of the Agroinvestor magazine mailing list. After mailing in a day, we received more than 1200 price list requests and the amount of contracts for the year from this mailing list is more than 100 million

How to systematically attract customers for large checks?

In my world, it makes sense to create so much system. Any, even the most talented people, lose to the system in the long run. Today, the manager is in the mood to call, but not tomorrow, and the mailing list has worked and continues to work.

For example, I set up advertising for my services 2 years ago, it still works, because the essence of the task and the client’s request does not change – the offer remains the same.

For systematic attraction, you need to understand the entire chain that the client goes through “before” shopping and where to go “after” for example, you sell the implementation of CRM-Systems, what does your client look like? Let’s say he outgrew EXCEL tables and is ready to automate the routine

And at every stage, this client should always have before his eyes the information that you are, still exist, still just as cool.


If this is done manually, there will not be enough memory to send letters, show ads or call for each event.

Therefore, before launching any system, you first need to draw it on “paper”, make a prototype and prescribe every step of our client. Here is a piece of CJM

If a little closer

That is, if you really try hard, you can make a route, and then think about where I can remind the client about myself or get to know him.


I won’t stretch this footcloth strongly, so I’ll tell you in the next post

See you!

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