March 18 – AnalyzeIT Meetup # 4


In a week, on March 18, we will launch an online meetup for system analysts. The program includes 4 reports from the existing system analysts of Alfa-Bank. As usual, we will send the link an hour before the start to everyone who pre-register… And if you don’t make it online (19: 00-21: 00 Moscow time), we will send you a record shortly after the meetup.

Under the cut is a detailed meetup program.

19: 05-19: 35 / “Soft-skills. Ignore it is impossible to develop ”

Anastasia Gruzdeva, Senior Systems Analyst

If you are just starting your career in analytics, want to grow professionally, or are looking for ways to make your job easier and more efficient – come. Let’s work together to figure out where the systems analyst should put a comma in the statement “Ignore cannot be developed.”

Let’s talk about soft-skills and their role in the life of a systems analyst, we’ll figure out why they should be developed and what methods of training them exist. Through practical examples, you will be able to understand which of the skills are relevant for you, and where it is still worth putting a comma in order to achieve your goals.

19: 35-20: 05 / “Designing integration from scratch”

Anna Ovzyak, Chief Systems Analyst

Are you scared to design integrations from scratch? Not sure where to start and which side to approach such a task?

With a practical example, you will learn how to succeed in such a task. Gain theoretical knowledge about how to integrate systems. And as a bonus, we’ll tell you how systems analysts can win developer recognition.

20: 05-20: 35 / “How to protect a systems analyst from burnout”

Danil Bulatov, Senior Systems Analyst

Emotional burnout is a common occurrence in our sphere, it is a dangerous factor, and it is not customary to talk about it. We will talk about how to recognize it and how to protect yourself, we will discuss stress, motivation and creating a productive environment.

20: 35-21: 05 / “When the task goes beyond the boundaries of the team”

Pavel Bondarenko, Senior Systems Analyst

Your product team has been tasked with integrating with a new system that is not part of your product’s familiar outline. This means that you have to communicate with new people, agree with them about joint work, together assess the workload, set deadlines, synchronize, and eventually roll out the correctly working functionality to the industrial environment. Let’s talk about the analyst’s role models and tools for working with such tasks.

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