Management = Team + Product. We reveal the formula of this year: the most useful about people and for people at DUMP 2020

This year, for the first time, the Management section at DUMP will take the form Team + Product – two separate streams for a full day. Let’s see what development this section has received, what will be discussed this year, and who is already going to come to us 🙂

Admire the view of last year’s management hall.

What happened and what will happen to Team

It was originally believed that management in development is about processes. About that Who, what and as in a team does.

Definitely, earlier the section focus (and indeed the main managerial activity) was focused on the issue as. Therefore, the top topics for discussion were mostly frameworks. Then again: how to introduce a scrum, how to switch to kanban, how to fix what happened after the transition 🙂 Retrospectives, story points, releases and deadlines, backlogs, manager rakes – that’s all.

However, this is a long story. Since then, everyone managed to switch to Kanban scrams, build sprint systems, build bumps and learn.

Now the question comes to the fore Who. After all, the development team is not roles, it is primarily people. With their problems, successes, with their own motivation and attitude to everything that happens. And without a normal atmosphere in the team, no agile will take off, and no holacracy will take root.

No wonder at DUMP 2019 one of the top reports was a psychologist Viti Stepanova about professional burnout of timber.

Therefore, our section this year is about people. And for people 🙂 Even her name is Team. There will be nothing about managerial operational chips and planning. But there will be a lot about efficiency – team and personal.

A little bit about the program

The program has already been formed, and it is just fire. Here are some striking reports:

  • Alexander Orlov, Management techniques: the main thing in words.
    Tricks about how to correctly understand the context behind the actions and words of people. Indispensable in one-to-one meetings, meetings and interviews.
  • Vitya Stepanov, A Thousand and One Poses of Procrastination: How to Have Fun Without Relaxing.
    The it-psychologist’s story about the most frequent enemy of efficiency is procrastination. A large number of examples and the author’s classification (with a twinkle!) Will help to understand your personal procrastination.
  • Anna Obukhova, Stress Resistance Agile Team.
    Often, development teams go through fire, water, and hollow releases of copper pipes together. What to do when stress builds up in a team? The report will be of great benefit about how to get together, set up a team and not lose efficiency, cope with the anxiety of others, maintain a working condition and continue to complete tasks on time in the face of constant changes.

And, of course, there will be not only psychology and related coaching and facilitation, but also practical techniques and tools: OKR, Performance Review, practices of using digital tracks and development control, and ExO Canvas – about exponential transformations. Bet you haven’t heard about the last?

The program of the Management: Team section on DUMP 2020 can be viewed entirely here 🙂 Come, it will be interesting! This year there were a huge number of applications, so we selected the coolest.

What about Product?

Indeed, what about the what? What exactly does the team do, what product, for whom and why? These issues also come to the fore in development, and this is a very good trend. Last year we discussed the product line within the managerial section: there were reports about the product life cycle, about problematic interviews and hypothesis testing.

All reports of last year can be found here.

Now the topic of product development has become so vast and important that this year we dedicated a separate section to it – Product. There will be many useful things for products, managers, analysts and all those who are interested in product development.

Program and tickets 🙂

We look forward to all the participants of this year at DUMP 2020. It will be super useful!

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