Manage data from multiple CAD systems in a single development environment

At enterprises and in design offices, everything is done to ensure that the participants in the product development process act in a unified manner. But capturing data from departments into a single CAD environment while synchronizing them is both difficult and expensive. Data exchange becomes even more complex when a company uses several different CAD systems – and such a scheme is becoming more widespread.

Collaborative Designer roles in the platform 3DEXPERIENCE® lets you manage design data and documentation in the cloud. Projects can be stored on the global network, reused and managed securely. With this method of operation, data cannot be accidentally lost or deleted.

Platform 3DEXPERIENCE not only supports the internal design team, but also enables secure data access for key customers, vendors, and project managers. The Collaborative Designer role allows everyone, regardless of which design system they are operating in, to contribute to a single product structure, eliminating the need to independently manage parts of it.

Flowchart of a process for adjusting data created in Creo Parametric.

New Collaborative Designer Roles

With the introduction of new roles, connect to the platform 3DEXPERIENCE can even more CAD users. Companies using Creo Parametric from PTC®, Inventor from Autodesk®, or Solid Edge from Siemens® have the ability to manage and share their design data in the cloud platform 3DEXPERIENCE. Roles added to existing ones for SOLIDWORKS®, CATIA® V5, AutoCAD® and DraftSight®.

New Collaborative Designer roles provide direct integration from within the CAD system for seamless interaction with the platform 3DEXPERIENCE. As soon as the data enters the platform, it becomes available to users of all solutions 3DEXPERIENCE for design, simulation, manufacturing and management. Roles are a tool for achieving the following goals:

  • joint work of team members, wherever they are;

  • general access to models and drawings through a browser application;

  • development of a comprehensive 3D product definition in various CAD systems.

Even if the specialists carrying out the project are located in different places, the development efficiency remains at a high level.

People and data: working together

With the new roles of Collaborative Designer, design data becomes part of a complete product definition that is model-based. Connecting a complex of applications used by various specialties to the platform increases the quality of design. All development specialists work with the same model. Roles support a wide range of platform applications 3DEXPERIENCE, which makes collaboration extremely productive.

Once connected to the platform, designers can continue to design in the systems they are used to. The data they generate becomes part of a comprehensive product definition. The development process is accelerated, the accuracy is increased. As design changes are made, the data is automatically updated. This is real synchronization.

Centralized project placement

Collaboration becomes easier when the entire team, including third-party partners, is in a single software environment. The platform allows you to quickly access 3D models from any device. Communication between specialists is automatically monitored, and if problems arise, they are immediately resolved.

Projects can be shared with colleagues and vendors via a virtual development environment without losing the accuracy of the data.

Single source of reliable information

When engineers make design changes, platform 3DEXPERIENCE automatically activates advanced data management capabilities such as version control, project stage, access permissions, and more. The platform provides the technology infrastructure for managing design data and product documentation.

Due to the fact that all data is stored centrally, each project participant has access to a single source of reliable information. This helps insure against the risk of out of sync model versions and assembly configurations.

Using the Collaborative Designer, project participants securely manage and share CAD data. Access is possible from anywhere with an Internet connection. All interested parties instantly receive up-to-date information and can see the current status of the product and its components at any time.

Additional Information

Are you really looking to simplify your project collaboration and increase productivity? The CAD environment has everything you need for effective design and interaction. Multiple design teams can work concurrently on the same product definition in real time, and their design data is securely protected.

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