Make massive changes to microservices, automate code reviews and save the team’s nerves

Imagine a situation – your task at work is to change the logging format. Everything seems simple at first. Exactly until the moment when all these changes do not need to be made in 80+ microservices … And so an easy task at first glance turns into a long and routine. What can you do about it?

Or here’s another problem – what features can provide the speed, quality and convenience of code review?

The Java developers of YuMoney tell about all this in their reports. Bookmark or watch right now. Videos with timecodes are already waiting under the cut.

Automate it! Making typical changes to microservices

Vita Komarova, Senior Java Developer
The expert tells how to launch massive changes, maintain standards and save the nerves of the whole team

1:03 About microservice architecture in YuMoney and not only
2:17 The task is to change the logging format. What should be done?
3:00 We divide work into teams: pros and cons
4:02 Examples of bulk changes
4:34 The solution is automation
4:47 Steps to roll out changes
6:05 Implementing Automation: About the Modernizer Robot
8:09 What is Flow? Various patching scenarios
8:58 What can Modernizer do? Technical implementation
10:26 Results of work
10:57 Patch control
12:34 Task path after merge
13:15 Let’s automate testing
14:40 About Automerge and release automation
16:13 History through the eyes of a developer
17:42 Bottom line: life before and after Modernizer
20:18 What is the secret of our success?
21:42 Our conclusions and advice from the YuMoney team

Code review automation. Two years later

Grigory Skobelev, Java developer
Two years ago we started the process of improving the code review. We want to look into the past and share the results of our work – we will show the evolution of the code review system, the most and least demanded functionality, and tell you how the improved system influenced our work.

1:31 About the backend at YuMoney, our tools
3:29 What will be discussed in the report
5:12 About code review and why improve it
7:25 Code review in words and deeds. Personal experience
10:07 System and functionality of code review. Features YuMoney
10:30 Speed
14:42 Quality
18:47 Convenience
24:22 Top features in code review
25:07 Improvement plan

All reports from the big IT conference YuMoneyDay… Materials about SQL, DevOps, frontend, PM, testing and mobile development are on the way.

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