“Make a contribution to the Samsung ecosystem!” – a competition of ideas. Grand Prix – Galaxy S10

Many Russian families use Samsung technology. For 9 years in a row, Samsung has consistently been a leader in the “Favorite Russian Brands” rating due to high places in the categories of home appliances, mobile devices, TV, audio and video equipment, etc.
We invite you to think about how you can use all this variety of products in a new, user-friendly way: not every device, but as part of something more!

At the competition, you can submit any custom Samsung usage scenarios within a single ecosystem of devices. These scenarios should describe how one or more services / applications use Samsung technology, providing new useful features to the user. Important: when formulating a script, focus on the uniqueness of the idea and the usefulness of its use.


An example for you to understand the format: a smart refrigerator that will not open the door for you after 6 pm (because according to the fitness bracelet data, your physical activity was low and you didn’t have time to spend the right amount of calories), but everything can still open if you do 50 squats, which will also be tracked by a fitness bracelet.

Conditions of the competition

In the competition “Contribute to the Samsung Ecosystem!”, A winner will be selected who will offer the best idea of ​​creating a service involving various services and / or Samsung devices.

The winner will receive a brand new flagship Galaxy S10! For the second place, the participant will receive the Galaxy Watch Active smart watch, and the authors of the 50 best ideas will receive stylish branded hoodies “Do what you can't”.

The main criteria that will be taken into account when evaluating ideas:
1. User Benefit
2. Focus on the Samsung ecosystem
3. Number of Samsung products / services involved in the solution / idea
4. Structured ideas and presentation

To take part in the competition, send your ideas to the box: ecosystem@iot-academy.ru. One person can submit an unlimited number of ideas. In the text of the letter, describe your idea briefly (1 paragraph of text), and attach a document with a more detailed description — this could be a presentation, a drawing, a document … —the format of your choice.

Dates of the competition:
• Period of collection of applications: 01.05 – 31.05
• Application processing and selection of winners: 01.06 – 20.06
• Announcement of results, awarding winners and delivery of prizes: June 21 – July 15

Possible "features". Competition website.

To come up with such scenarios, of course, it would be nice to know the “features” that are already present in Samsung products. On the contest website, we have published for you a list of the opportunities that are available in the latest models of smartphones and other devices available for sale in Russia. There you can find detailed rules of the competition.

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