Mail, RSS and Calendar – let’s start testing


Hello, Habr!

Today is not an ordinary day. Even, frankly, to some extent significant. After several years of development, we are ready to show you new features that many of you have been waiting for. Moreover, show not one at a time, but all at once. So, here we are: a built-in email client, support for RSS news feeds and a calendar. We can’t believe it ourselves, but it’s reality. New reality for Vivaldi browser.

First you need download a test version of the Vivaldi browser from the official website… It is better to install it separately from the stable one in order to avoid unexpected problems that often happen with test builds. New functions are presented in test mode and after installing the browser you will not see them. To enable them, open the browser experimental features page ( vivaldi: // experiments / ) and check the corresponding box:

The calendar will appear immediately, but to activate the mail, you need to restart the browser. After that, the corresponding icons will appear in the sidebar.

To start using mail, open the sidebar or browser settings to get to the account settings window:

We have tried to automate the settings of accounts for most popular services as much as possible. But if your service is not on the list – just enter all the data manually, and write to us about your service – we will try to add it to the list.

Similarly, you can create your own calendars in the settings:

Well, the actual interface of the mail client looks quite familiar to users of the operatic mail client:

The calendar is also presented with a user-friendly interface and a lot of settings:

I must say that today’s new items are already functionally quite developed, which does not allow us to describe all the possibilities within the framework of a short announcement. We will gradually talk about them in the future, but in the meantime, you can happily engage in independent study of the new components of the Vivaldi browser – it is actually very exciting! As a help, we can recommend that you read a large article in the English-language blog of the company.

Thank you all for waiting patiently for the mail client and congratulations on its first technical release!

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