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Luxoft Tech Talks is a new series of English-language video podcasts on our YouTube channel, in which Luxoft IT gurus not only share their knowledge, discuss the latest trends and current technologies. Videos will be released 1-2 times a month.

Now available on the channel:
Luxoft Tech Talk with Hanno Embregts – Will Git Be Around Forever? A List of Possible Successors

What version control system did you use in 2010? Perhaps it was Git if you implemented it early on, or were a Linux follower. Most likely you used Subversion, because at that time most developers used it. Ten years later, Git overtook competitors in popularity. One involuntarily wonders: what will happen in another ten years? In this issue, we considered what features for the version control system will be needed in 2030. Higher speed? More convenient collaboration support? Fully automatic merge conflicts?

Luxoft Tech Talk with Stanimira Vlaeva – NativeScript: Architecture Overview

NativeScript is an open source framework for developing applications on Android and iOS using simple JavaScript, Angular or Vue. In this webinar we will analyze the implementation of NativeScript from a technical point of view. We will discuss:
– Introduction of JavaScript engines (V8 and JavaScriptCore);
– Establishing a connection between the JavaScript and Android / iOS workspaces to access the Native API;
– Integration of Angular and NativeScript.

Luxoft Tech Talks with Rex Black – Code Coverage Metrics

Testers and programmers are increasingly using tools that provide metrics for the volume of tested code. These metrics show how much code the test suite has covered, and more importantly, what conditions are not included in the test. Some tools also provide analytical information about complexity, and therefore about the probable difficulties of future code refactoring. In this presentation, Rex explains some metrics for the volume of code tested:
– string coverage (statement coverage);
– coverage on branches of conditional statements (decision coverage);
– a modified method of coverage by branches / conditions (modified condition / decision coverage);
– cyclomatic complexity according to McCabe (McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity);
– basis path coverage.
Rex will tell you how to use metrics to write better code or tests, and will also illustrate this with real programs.

The choice of themes for future TechTalks is largely up to you. What technologies and topics would you be interested in? Which speaker would you like to see in future TechTalks? Leave your comments in the comments and subscribe to the channelso as not to miss new videos.

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