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Hello World. This is my markdown parsing library and you are currently reading the documentation for it.

  • I want to create my own library which is very lightweight and user friendly and also only uses one 3rd party library (or doesn’t use it at all).

  • This library converts markdown to html code or generates styles for markdown


Open a terminal in the application where you want to use the library, then install with npm or yarn

npm i @nitonodev/mp
yarn add @nitonodev/mp


After installation, add these lines to your code

import MarkdownParse from "@nitonodev/mp";

To use this parser, you must write

 * @remarks This create a markdown parse class
 * @param markdown - put text to parse
const mp = new MarkdownParser(markdown)
 * @remarks This code use as text to parse a default value which declare at class declaration or add @param m to parse another text
 * @returns string with parsed markdown to html
const parsedText = mp.parse()

 *@remarks This function generate md-theme.css file with styles for markdown
 *@remarks This function generate md.html and md-theme.css files at you directory

For now, that’s all.

For the future

  • Add numbered list parsing

  • Maybe make a cli

  • And write a parser for other languages, for example: python, cpp


You can write me about errors, bugs, suggestions or help in development by e-mail or at github. Also, please help me find a name for this library, you can write your examples to or publish them on

Thanks for reading

I don’t know if I succeeded in writing an article, but I will be very glad if you read it, maybe try the library and write a review or help in development.

Links to the library

Library on npmjs

Library on github

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