LED lamps under the name KAKSOLNTSE appeared in Leroy Merlin stores. Promise Ra95 and “light as close to the sun as possible.” Let’s check.

These lamps were released by Uniel, but this is indicated only on the end of the box. There is nothing on the Leroy website under the name “KAKSOLNTSE”, but if you set Ra95 in the filters, displayed two Uniel bulbs, that’s what they are.

I thought that only two bulbs were sold in Leroy and both with a color temperature of 4000K due to the fact that the others ran out, but it turned out that only these two bulbs were produced in this series and the others do not exist. The lamps are marked with a production date of 11 2019.

The text on the box states: “Like the sun, this is a unique lamp with the quality of light as close as possible to that of the sun.”

From this it may be assumed that the lamps are made on LEDs with a violet crystal (Sunlike or similar).

Today, 03/11/2021, sunny weather. I pointed the Uprtek MK350D spectrometer towards the sun and took this sunlight measurement.

And this is how the spectra of “KAKSOLNTSE” lamps look like (on the left “9 W”, on the right “6 W”). Agree, there is a difference.

LEDs with blue crystals are used, but the color rendering indices of these lamps are really very high – CRI (Ra) is almost 96.

The manufacturer indicates the power of the lamps is 9 and 6 W and the luminous flux of 800 and 480 lm. According to the results of my measurements, it turned out 9.12 and 5.52 W, the luminous flux of 675 and 412 lm (this is 15% less than promised). The efficiency is about 74 lm / W (this should be the case with a high CRI).

205 and 140 rubles for lamps with CRI 95 are very cheap, it’s a pity that only two of these models were released and there are no such lamps with warm light. As far as I understood, this was an experiment that was recognized as unsuccessful, most likely for economic reasons. Perhaps now these lamps are selling below cost and when they are sold, there will be no more of these.

© 2021, Alexey Nadezhin

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