Leaving no trace


Today, the 21st century is already in the yard – according to the science fiction writers of the past, this is the century of space travel to the stars, resettlement around the planets and not only the solar system, meetings with extraterrestrial intelligence and just life on a completely different cultural and technological level. So people thought in the past. And in today’s reality, the calling card of our century has been the total collection of personal information about each earthling, on a huge, countless scale. And the smartest heads of the planet are beating over the invention of Artificial Intelligence – but not to make everyone happy, but to cope with the analysis of all the information collected every second, and then offer the consumer such a product that he can’t refuse.

Such noble thoughts give rise to a completely natural reaction of people – they invent ways to minimize the amount of information about themselves, primarily when working on a worldwide network, where this information is, in fact, collected in most cases. And one of the tools for this restriction of the distribution of personal information is a private browsing mode. In this mode, a minimum of information about the user goes to the network and, in addition, in the browser itself there are no traces of what and when a person was browsing while using the world wide network. But do everyone know about this regime and how actively they use it? This is our Friday poll.

Photo from Bernard Hermant

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