Learning, negotiating, consulting remotely – Part 2: Vinteo Server – 3 months of free video conferencing

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The events taking place now all over the World inevitably continue to influence the remote communications industry. Many years ago, videoconferencing (VKS) was a sign of the company’s wealth. In recent years, in the wake of the development of software solutions for video communications, VKS from the category of luxury moved into the category of an effective business tool. But now, the quarantine situation makes the video conferencing system a forced solution for providing remote work or training.
On the one hand, I am glad that this direction has become more and more popular over the past couple of weeks, but on the other hand, I am not glad that this happens under such sad circumstances.
A few months ago I was the first and only subscriber to the hub Videoconferencing image – and now there are almost three hundred of us.
In the next few weeks, I plan to publish a number of articles from the series on this hub. “Training, negotiations, consultations remotely”covering professional solutions of the videoconferencing system, providing for the time of quarantine the possibility of free use of them in real conditions in the existing infrastructure of the company. In the last article I described Mind Server and its free version. This article is dedicated to the action from Vinteo, the only Russian developer of a mass video conferencing solution based on the classic SIP / H.323 architecture.

The essence of the action

It’s simple – you get the opportunity use the full local version of the Vinteo server for 3 months for free. The number of connections is limited only by the computing resources of your server hardware.
If you need to organize remote work of employees, or provide high-quality video communication with partners and customers, use the promotion to get acquainted with the Vinteo professional video conferencing system.
A request for pilot testing can be made at vinteo@prof-av.ru

Vinteo Solution Implementation Options

  • Creating a new video communications infrastructure. Vinteo server
    Is a Linux-based video conferencing (VKS) software server using open communication standards, including H.323 and SIP. It supports both physical and virtual environments. Cascading is available for increased fault tolerance and load balancing.
  • Modernization of the existing infrastructure of the videoconferencing. Vinteo Server is in demand for replacing or expanding a customer’s video conferencing server, as it is fully compatible with SIP / H.323 solutions on the market. Integration with both terminals and third-party MCUs is possible.

Vinteo Server Features

Vinteo Server video conferencing server is included in the unified register of Russian programs for
electronic computers and databases by order of the Ministry of Communications of Russia No. 165 of 04/18/2016. for No. 142.

Possibilities for connecting subscribers

  • Through the gateway (trunk). Connecting both traditional PBX and VKS (Polycom, Cisco, etc.). Creating a unified numbering plan and the ability to call short numbers to landlines and mobile phones, in conferences, to VKS terminals and software clients. It is possible to download Subscribers via LDAP
  • Via SIP / H.323. Connection of video conferencing terminals and software clients on PC and mobile devices with the ability to register on the Vinteo server.
  • Via WebRTC. Connection through a browser, with the ability to receive / transmit audio, video and content.

For any connection to the server, you can set individual settings for the encoding protocols, bit rate and resolution.

Work with layouts

The server has 35 standard layouts for the conference. It is possible to use automatic mosaics that will adapt to the number of connected participants.

For the entire conference or for any of the participants, you can assign a specific layout, while you can specify the lecturer’s position, assign participants to a specific location in the layout, set the scroll panel to display participants on the screen with a specified frequency, if they are behind the screen.
Personal layouts for VKS SIP / H.323 solutions are a unique and convenient functionality that not many solutions of this level possess.

To develop your own layout design, an optional constructor is supplied. It allows you to create many layout options using 3 overlay layers. All saved layouts after saving become available in the conference menu.

Conference Recording

Record is a standard Vinteo server functionality that does not require additional licensing. For recording, you can choose a separate layout of the participants’ windows, different from the layout used for the general conference.

Supports export of recording file in various formats.

Conference Broadcast

Webcast mode supports the use of personal layout, as well as user chat.

User mode is designed to transmit the video conferencing stream to third-party broadcast, recording or video surveillance servers.

Integration with existing VKS equipment

Vinteo Benefits

  • Quality and Functionality. Vinteo Server covers all the key needs of the VKS of any modern company. Maintaining standards and ensuring maximum compatibility with third-party solutions is the foundation of the Vinteo Server architecture concept.
  • Free pilot. If you have a real business task and a budget for the commercial version of the videoconferencing solution, we will provide full support for testing in the customer’s infrastructure, starting from installation and ending with a demonstration of capabilities
  • Prices in rubles. In current realities, ruble prices are the only way not to miss the budget for the purchase.
  • Russian product. Vinteo Server is a great opportunity to import products from Polycom, Cisco and other reputable foreign (and, in some cases, sanctions) vendors.

Unique ProfAV Conference

For several months we were preparing a unique conference dedicated to the videoconferencing in Russia. On April 1, an interesting program was planned in Moscow, with a demonstration of modern video communications solutions and professional audio / video equipment.

But, the measures related to quarantine forced us to postpone the conference. The new date will be known after the lifting of restrictions on public events.

I, as a representative of the exhibition organizer Profav, I invite you, after being removed from quarantine, to join an interesting and new event in the videoconferencing industry. Leading competing VKS vendors in Russia will perform at one site with a lively demonstration of their solutions. On the event page There is a bit more information and a registration button.

If you are ready to attend a conference in Moscow – register here.
If you are from another city, and you are interested in the event, you can leave a request for a conference in your city.
When the situation with the quarantine conditions becomes clear, I will publish a separate article about the ProfAV Conference, and I will also notify all those who register by mail about the new format and date of the event.

Vinteo is one of the key participants in the upcoming conference. You can learn more about the company and the Vinteo Server product from the creators firsthand – in an interview recorded on the eve of the conference:

All future interviews dedicated to this conference will be published in the playlist. ProfAV Conference

Playlist Mavic 2 Pro contains dozens of records made by the Mavic 2 Pro drone in various areas of Moscow, Crimea and other locations.
Including the latest recording of the crash of a quadrocopter in Moscow City from a height of over 100 meters.

Playlist created for self-isolation Quarantine 2020

Amateur daily aerial videos are published there showing various areas of Moscow during the quarantine period.

Thank you for attention,

Kirill Usikov Usikoff


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