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As an introduction, I invite all involved in the hub Videoconferencing – in the near future, I believe, many interesting articles will be published here.
In light of recent events, many companies involved in the videoconferencing industry have launched a vibrant advertising campaign for their products and solutions. And it sometimes doesn’t look very beautiful: “Only for the period of a pandemic – use our service for free …” Everything would be fine, only such companies artificially create a stir because they offer exclusive versions of their products for exclusive use. I don’t blame – such a time, if only for the benefit of the people.
As soon as I heard about quarantine and saw all kinds of promotions for free services, I immediately turned to my long-time partners – one of the leading developers of software for VKS in Russia, Mind. I decided that such marketing activity would not hurt them, but when I received a refusal I was a little discouraged. It turned out that in recent days the load on the cloud service Mind has grown so much that the computing resources are no longer enough to handle a huge number of connections. And this is without any advertising, so I will not recommend cloud solutions in this article.
In this article, I recall a modest fact – the features of the local Mind Server video conferencing solution, which I already talked about in previous articles:
Professional videoconferencing is available as never before. Mind Server – new version, new prices
Videoconferencing Mind – the best choice for business

We are talking about the perpetual ability to use the On-Premise version of Mind Server on a closed network for free.

Where to get the distribution kit?

The easiest and fastest way to use Mind Server Video Conferencing Server Installation Guide. Download distribution kit – An ISO image to install on a physical or virtual machine. After a short installation, and gaining access to the web interface of the admin panel, you must activate Key. Downloading the key will start automatically after filling out the contact information.
After activating the license, you can register users and begin work.

What are the system requirements?

The image can be deployed on both physical and virtual machines. Minimum requirements for starting all services: 4-6 cores + 16 GB of RAM. And then, depending on the load. One physical Intel core (no older than 5 years) will pull 3-4 WebRTC connections in HD resolution. If you plan to use SIP / H.323 terminals, then we count one core for 1-2 such connections. We allocate at least 1 GB of memory for a competitive connection.
The load on all subsystems can be seen in real time in the server admin panel.

What functionality?

The VKS Mind server provides optimal functionality for remote communications and training. No additional software installation is required, work with mobile devices is supported. Integration with AD and IP-PBX is possible. Available: recording, broadcasting, document sharing and desktop demo.
In addition to the symmetrical layout of the videoconference (everyone sees and hears each other), specialized event templates are available: lecture and selector.
Special attention is paid to the functional organization of the Webinar on the Mind Server platform. I personally did not find a more convenient, better and ergonomic service. Chat, presentation, virtual flip chart, the ability to call any spectator with a camera and audio peripherals to the podium. Questionnaires, surveys, personalized unique links-tickets to the webinar, make the Mind Server solution a professional specialized tool for educating an audience of any size.

What are the limitations of the demo key?

Not without this, given that this is a free test license of a full-fledged commercial video conferencing system. But the restriction is only one – at one time, you can conduct only one active event on one server. All.
The number of registrations on the server is not limited. The number of competitive connections is also (limited by server computing resources). Internet connection is not required either at the time of activation or in operation mode.
If your business tasks require more than one active event – it does not matter. Describe your task and I will agree for you an extended license (but with an expiration date).

The relevance of the topic of video conferencing today

For several months we were preparing a unique conference dedicated to the videoconferencing in Russia. On April 1, an interesting program was planned in Moscow, with a demonstration of modern video communications solutions and professional audio / video equipment.
But yesterday’s quarantine decision by the Moscow Mayor’s Office forces us to reschedule the conference. The new date will be known after the lifting of restrictions on public events.
I, as a representative of the organizer of the exhibition ProfAV, invite you, after being removed from quarantine, to join an interesting and new event in the video conferencing industry. Leading competing VKS vendors in Russia will perform at one site with a lively demonstration of their solutions. On the event page There is a bit more information and a registration button.
If you are ready to attend a conference in Moscow – register here.
If you are from another city, and you are interested in the event, you can leave a request for a conference in your city.
When the quarantine situation clears up, I will publish a separate article on ProfAV Conferences, as well as notify all registered by mail about the new format and date of the event.

Thanks for attention,

Kirill Usikov.

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