Learn Bash by Writing an Interactive Game, Build a DevOps Culture, and a MariaDB and MySQL Cheat Sheet

Let’s start 2021 with a new digest of useful materials. We collected a lot of insights, recordings of important webinars, books and cheat sheets. Stay with us – become a part DevNation!

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  • 5 hybrid cloud trends to watch out for in 2021

    Hybrid cloud is becoming the main model for building corporate IT systems. Our experts talk about how cloud platforms themselves will change, as well as discuss differentiated cloud environments for workloads, security issues, and more.

    In a nutshell: Red Hat Chief Architect Emily Brand and other experts share advice with CIOs.

  • Remote work: 3 ways to cheer up your team in 2021

    New Year is a new opportunity to energize your team. Introducing new techniques to help foster creativity, collaboration and engagement in virtual workplaces.

    In a nutshell: Red Hat’s Chief Public Sector Technical Officer David Egts talks about virtual lounges and the like.

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  • MariaDB and MySQL Cheat Sheet

    Useful commands for connecting to servers, analyzing data, and other key operations that can be used from the command line and as part of SQL scripts, many of which can also be invoked through software libraries.

More useful:

  • Launching Kubernetes on Raspberry Pi

    Each chapter in this eBook can be read as a stand-alone unit or as part of a general guide to getting Kubernetes running on your Raspberry Pi.

  • Kubectl Cheat Sheet

    9 critical kubectl commands for troubleshooting and managing Kubernetes cluster administration.

  • Emacs Cheat Sheet

    Emacs has a huge variety of keyboard shortcuts for quickly calling commands, this cheat sheet will introduce you to the main ones.

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