Launch of fulfillment operator’s warehouse

At the beginning of this year, our company once again faced a move to a new warehouse. Moving for a fairly large warehouse is always an extremely difficult, expensive and painful process, but I don’t want to tell you about that. It’s just that at the same time as the beginning of this move, a rather simple idea came to my mind, why not sanctify this whole move step by step? After all, when will the opportunity arise again?

It was considered too resource-intensive to write articles on each step, so I decided to make a series of videos that tell you step by step about the warehouse itself at the beginning, and then about the processes inside it, as if we were starting it from scratch.

Unfortunately, the process of choosing a warehouse was not consecrated, because I grabbed it too late (and I think it would be interesting to highlight this moment too), but since we launch warehouses for our clients with enviable regularity, I think I I’ll guess the moment and make a zero video about the choice of premises.

Yes, the videos are, to put it mildly, specific, yet we understand completely different things, but on the one hand, if I tried to do it at a more professional level, most likely it would not end with anything, because there is no such level time, no resources (especially in the process of moving), on the other hand, those who can really use this information, I think they will be able to wade through my non-professional diction and non-professional picture.

Therefore, let’s go?

Although no! Let me briefly talk about us in general, though, and then I will post the videos:

Company reWorker, is one of the oldest order fulfillment operators in the Russian Federation. We have been working since 2014. The main warehouse is located in Moscow, and that’s how we cover its move in the videos below. All this time we have been developing at our own expense (and fulfillment is still a rather capital-intensive business), therefore, over 8 years of work, we were able to “acquire” only a warehouse of 5,000 m2. On the other hand, we are able to build warehouse processes at the level of our richer colleagues, but for much less money (need for inventions is cunning), and it seems to me that this is why many will be interested in our “revelations”. 😉

To work in the warehouse, we use cloud WMS OrderAdmin, which is tailored for the work of fulfillment operators and is now not only used by several operators in the Russian Federation, but also new ones continue to be launched. On her example, the main processes inside the warehouse will be shown.

Right now, let’s go:

First video, introductory. Don’t be scared, only here we will be my face, then I will try to play the TV presenter to a minimum, although the general tediousness will remain …

​Next, we consider the configuration of the warehouse of our new warehouse and its main zones (zoning), the movement of goods flow, etc.:

The third part is devoted to preparing the racks for receiving goods at the warehouse. Address storage, marking places, etc.

​Acceptance of goods to the warehouse, types of storage and accounting (articular, piece-by-piece, batch, batch-articular), acceptance after the fact and with verification, etc.:

​Overview of the equipment required for the operation of the warehouse:

For now, that’s all! No more time! 😉

To be honest, initially I planned to make 3-4 small videos, but as it turned out, we are unlikely to keep within ten, so the videos will be released all the time. In the next one, I will talk about linking goods to storage places, then there will be types of picking, sorting of completed goods, packaging, labeling … And there are 100,500 more topics, in depth about types of racks, equipment, WMS, etc.

Actually, how many of these videos will be will depend on your reaction to them. After all, we do not make them for ourselves! 😉

So, subscribe to the channel and all that…

In the link to the whole poop:

And this is a link to a playlist with videos about the launch of the warehouse. This is where we will post updates:

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