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This pile of laptops met me in the announcement picture. Among them there are both very old and relatively (very relatively) modern. Two models from this heap I recognized are Sony Vaio (third from the top) and HP Pavilion (bottom laptop). It is clear that this is only the name of the model series, but this is somewhere in 2011-2014. I really like Sony Vaio – I once wrote about the model I work with myself. If you wish, you can turn your old laptop into quite a workhorse. And if you consider that these devices are sold for 10-20 euros at a flea market, then this horse will also be inexpensive. Of course, in the event that the laptop is in working order or is broken, but it can be relatively easily repaired, for example, without replacing the video card soldered on the board. Okay, let’s move on. And then, very close, here is such a Toshiba – in good condition.

And if you walk a couple more meters, you come across a couple more laptops – from HP and Acer. One of my acquaintances had such an Acer at one time, he was very pleased with it. As far as you can see, the notebooks are in good condition. The seller does not guarantee their performance, so the transaction is at your own peril and risk. But I already have a lot of all kinds of electronics, and more modern ones, so I didn’t buy.

Then I came across such a copter, I did not look at the model, but it looks good. A couple of years ago, here, at the flea market, I bought a couple of copters, basic models, and both were in working order. Having played enough, I gave it to my friends, because I was somehow not “hooked”, although there are some friends among my friends who are fans of these rotary-wing aircraft.

Then I saw a Philips TV, model 55pfl5507h / 12. Seemed right huge, although here 55 inches, not so much.

Then I met a pocket translator – probably, at one time it was a popular gadget. But now – you know yourself, Google Translator solves most problems with basic translation.

Then, nearby, I saw a complex device – an organizer, a phone book, a translator and much more in one building. In 1998, a friend of mine had something similar, the device cost like a cast-iron bridge – something about $ 600, which at that time was a huge amount. Well, many of us were ready to give both kidneys for this.

Then I saw some boards, but did not recognize them. Something good and useful perhaps, who knows?

E-book. In one of my previous posts, I said that many sellers give them for 2-3-5 euros. Here the situation is somewhat different – the owner immediately requested 30 euros. If this was a used store, perhaps it would have been bought. But in this market, hardly anyone will be interested in such a product at a similar price.

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Another laptop that looks good, albeit quite a rarity. Nice compact device from Packard Bell.

The next exhibit is the all-in-one from Sony. At one time I really wanted something like that.

Then the built-in audio equipment caught my eye, which, perhaps, is still appreciated by connoisseurs. Or maybe not – here I will ask the opinions of experts. And, below is a “vinyl” player.

Then another interesting exhibit – the alarm system, which here, in my province, is often found in cafes, restaurants and shops. It costs a lot, so it’s strange that it was put up for sale at a flea market like this, and a complete set. Maybe something broke in it, but the seller said that everything worked – and asked for only 15 euros, although its price is about 150 euros.

I also drew attention to the Archos tablet – not because this particular model is something special. Because, like Archos, they started making tablet PCs even before it became mainstream. And these devices looked very stylish, they did not look like modern “tiles”. Actually, even this model from 2010 has an unusual shape.

Another huge projector seemed unusual – apparently, one of the first. Compared to his colleagues, he is somehow very big. There is nothing to compare in the photo, so it seems normal, but, believe me, it is really large. It was sold with a remote control and wires.

A few meters later I saw Orchid Telecom PBX 416 – a telephone system with a lot of possibilities. I looked on the Internet

still sell

, and the cost is about 200 euros. Not bad.

And the last thing that caught my eye this time was a whole box of video cameras, the condition of which the seller has no idea about. Whether they work or at least turn on is unclear.

Yes, about the PS4 that was mentioned in the title. I bought it not at this flea market, but at the analogue of Avito. It was sold for 40 euros as a problem without specifying the problem – I bought it at my own peril and risk. It turned out that it turns on and no one even took out the HDD. And the problem turned out to be in the clumsily connected drive cable, which is why it simply did not work. I disassembled it, saw the problem, corrected it, assembled it – we get a completely workable “curling iron”. It turned out that the firmware in the console is 7.55, so the purchase is doubly useful (who does not know, it is this version that can be hacked without problems, after which you can install and play anything). Then I also bought a controller with a buggy analog stick for 10 euros, which I also easily fixed. In general, hello, killing time playing games.

The Spaniards in general somehow easily part with things that are slightly buggy or do not work, but they can be repaired very inexpensively (despite the fact that they themselves are not rich people for the most part). Many times I saw how good laptops are given on the same Avito analog almost for nothing because “it works slowly” or “ahh, blue screen, everything is gone, I’m selling it.”

Well, that’s all, see you soon!

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