Lamoda x Joker 2020

Hello, Habr! My name is Vlad Koshkin and I am a java developer at Lamoda. From 25 to 28 November, our team will take part in the Joker 2020 online conference for the first time.

Lamoda has a huge and complex warehouse: 40,000 m², millions of products on the shelves, thousands of people – and we automate all this in Java via WMS (Warehouse Management System).


On our stand we talk about how we made Kotlin friends with the backend, build a modular architecture, allow developers to develop without unnecessary meetings. And we will also tell stories at the stand – under the cut there is a schedule and a quest game where you can feel like a part of the team.

Activity schedule

We recorded mini-reportsso that you can watch them at the booth at any time, and not try to get into a certain slot 🙂

image“How we made friends Kotlin and the warehouse, as well as other technical needs of WMS” – Vlad Koshkin, java developer.

Let’s talk about why we paid attention to Kotlin and how it caught on in the backend. We will find out how problems with balancing and updating client devices in the warehouse are now being solved. I will tell you about the plans for the WMS system for the next year.

image“How we build a modular architecture without microservices” – Zhenya Ryabyshev, java developer.

Zhenya will talk about how our business logic convinced us to switch to a modular architecture. Let’s talk about how we completed the implementation of the authorization service and updated the client for mobile devices, how we are now rewriting the print and conveyor line management services, and also how we will highlight the container state service.

image“No More Meetings: How We Let Developers Develop” – Kostya Karusev, team lead of the Acinonyx team.

Let’s talk about why we don’t use a full-fledged SCRUM, what a feature-team is, and how this concept coexists with the usual teams. How processes help development move at a predictable pace and help developers avoid overworking at night and on weekends.

We will be at the stand for three days come chat with us during conference breaks.

Stock Tales: Automation

November 26 12:00 – 12:30

Let’s talk about warehouse automation: what we trust it and what we don’t. What assembly and packaging algorithms we use, what kind of logic in the data.

Stock Tales: Black Friday

November 27 18:00 – 18:30

For e-commerce, today is the main day of the year – Black Friday. This evening we will tell stories about how we usually cope with peak loads.

Warehouse Tales: Internal Product Development

November 28 12:00 – 12:30

Let’s discuss the difference between inhouse development and software for sale.

Quest: Investigate the most difficult cases in the warehouse.

Try yourself as a system attendant in our quest. Everything is like in life – deal with a sudden load or figure out why the memory is about to run out. The most successful will receive prizes: branded flasks and protective masks.


See you at Joker 2020!

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