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Imagine a hypothetical situation when you found yourself in another country and without a job, and on September 22 the policemen came to your house and asked where you were, and it’s a bit drowsy to return, although you didn’t do anything illegal. In such a situation, when looking for a job, you can do such a stupid thing as take on a big test task, because the vacancy seems to be good and they promised to pay for it. What can go wrong.

On March 6, a recruiter wrote to me

We phoned and talked, I was offered to do a test task, for which they promised to pay.

Vacancy here

The assignment is here but just in case I made screenshots

Initially, it seemed to me that in a week I would sketch out a working prototype and that would be enough for them to evaluate my skills and make a decision, and I proceeded to implement it. However, one of the requirements – to reuse a piece of js code and run it in a separate process turned out to be more difficult than I thought. In react native, for which this vacancy was, there are no workers, like in a browser or a node. I found out about this when I finished with the UI and began to port the logic that needed to be reused. As a result, I spent almost the same amount of time sorting through third-party solutions. I tried packages that add workers that have been abandoned for several years and work only with some furry version of RN, I tried the liquidcore library, which I even launched for Android, but in the end it also turned out to be abandoned and with a lot of problems, I looked to the side in J2V8 for android, but as far as I understand, it executes only pure JS, and all requests to the environment api need to be reimplemented by yourself (generally outside the scope of the test task), then I came across nodejs-mobile, which, although not perfect, is at least not abandoned and launched on android.

As a result, I ported the necessary part of the code, wrote the connecting logic between it and the UI made before. I made screens for creating, adding a wallet, the main screen with a list of transactions, a backup of 24 words, and optional for this test receiving and sending (otherwise, where will the list of transactions that need to be shown on the main screen come from, I thought, and did them too) .

I send them the results.

Why do I get this response

I swear a lot, but grit my teeth and agree to add transition animations, pop-ups, etc. It turns out that while I was struggling with how to port their logic and run it as a separate process, they added a requirement

As a result, after spending another 3 days, I send them a version with an animated interface

A few days later we agree on a phone call.

And an hour before the scheduled call, I get this

Some of the claims are possible and objective. I really cut some corners due to the already large amount of work for the test task (I did not bold some words for example). But some points are optional features, according to the assignment, and I did not do them. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the ability to write code, and not to make a product ready for sale. You can polish the details for months, this is clearly behind the crowd of the test task. And the most important thing is that we have already agreed on a phone call, and this is just a bestial attitude, like this, to cancel it at the last moment under far-fetched pretexts. As a result, I no longer had the desire to cooperate with them, I think that in the process of work the attitude there is the same, and I asked for the promised compensation.

The answer I received is shown above. I understand that IT is bent, that programmers are already like uncut dogs, and in general, GPT will soon send us to get food from dumpsters, but it’s still bestiality, to exploit people without work in a vulnerable position like this. I could spend two weeks of intensive work to apply for a hundred or two vacancies instead.

Conclusion, the fool himself, you don’t need to take on test ones that take more than 20 minutes, but it’s better not to take them at all, especially from this employer. Don’t repeat my mistakes.

Link to code

PS I apologize for possible mistakes, I wrote on emotions, I can hardly restrain myself from swearing towards this employer.

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