Khabrchane threw stones at me for jambs in the MVP. I am not discouraged, I fixed everything and am ready to receive a new portion or release of Dimension

Hello. Six months ago, I rolled out the MVP of an application in which you could rate your places of residence according to certain criteria, for example, the quality of water or air.

And now I’m ready to present the updated Dimension. All that remains of the old one is the ability to leave ratings on the map and its (map) appearance. For a complete list of changes, I propose to proceed to a specially designated for this page. In this article, I will analyze the jambs that users and Habr commentators have noticed, ways to eliminate them, as well as additions that bring even more usefulness to the service. Estimated reading time: 7 minutes. Go!

I want to make a reservation right away that, despite the fact that it will be mainly about shortcomings and difficulties, there was a lot of positive feedback and offers of help that inspired me to continue working. Thank you guys – thanks to your kind words Dimension has come this far.

But enough niceties. Let’s get down to business – the thing that caused the most negativity – offer to send us a passport – Fail for many reasons. The main thing is that I didn’t put myself in the user’s shoes. I (as a user) would not send a passport to a dubious, unregistered organization anywhere. And, since it was completely optional, I removed all references to this document from the service. Now, if the user needs more ratings (actions), you can write a telegram / discord bot (approx. author – discord bot still under development) or send a request directly from the app.

Need more marks?  Just press the button.
Need more marks? Just press the button.

Design. There were complaints against him, and this is understandable. For the MVP, one does not want to spend a lot of effort on “beauty” in order to see that the idea itself, to put it mildly, floats. The design of everything except the map has been updated – now the profile is where it should be (top right) and aesthetically everything looks much nicer. I would be happy to hear opinions and suggestions about it. Despite the fact that I had a little help with both UI and UX professionals in their field, almost the entire design was created by me – not a designer by profession, so there is room for improvement, and we will use it 🙂

Updated home screen.
Updated home screen.

The most difficult point, but at the same time the most important, was and remains truthfulness of estimates. It is too early to talk about a complete solution to this problem, but we have made a lot of progress in this direction.

1. Now it will be possible to view each rating separately and complain or praise it. In fact, this is how we get to know reputation systemadded in the update. At the moment, it is very simple: minuses take away current actions, pluses add them.

2. In addition to the automatic system, we will of course monitor changes in karma, the number of minuses and pluses at certain marks – and try to check them. To do this, we would like to attract interested users and agencies.

3. In addition to the previous point, we will track “unusual” activity. For example, a certain rating that receives unusually many reports or praise. Or some small area in which new users rate. So far manually, and in the future with the help of algorithms.

4. Facts. For each rating, there is a tab “Measurements and statistics”, where we plan to display data from various measurements. For example, now it displays air quality from two different services and a disaster index from Wikipedia. Air quality monitoring by home stations is not so popular in the CIS, and I would like to develop this topic. There is a task for the level night illumination. The tab is still in test mode, because I’m not sure if this is needed. I would be glad to hear your opinion.

5. Cherry on the cake – notable places. Exclamation points on the map. They are needed to mark objects that are important in terms of living next to them. For example, a tobacco factory in the center of Minsk, from which the wind can inflate the most disgusting smell to the next quarters. It may not blow in our direction when we go to see the apartment – that is, we can miss an important factor when choosing housing, even personally participating in the process – and then we will have to sit with the windows closed. How does this reinforce the veracity of the assessments? If someone puts an A for air next to such a plant, you know what to do 🙂

An unobvious minus in the form of a tobacco factory nearby can spoil our lives.
An unobvious minus in the form of a tobacco factory nearby can spoil our lives.

Related to the previous point – number of actions from the start was increased to 5-7. This restriction also exists to protect against cheating. As practice has shown, for most of the registered users, this number was enough – but we will change it as needed. We have also added a “I want more ratings” button to make it easier to request them, and in turn we will try to respond to this request immediately after reviewing previous ratings for adequacy.

Also, we did not take into account data relevance. Now, when evaluating a place, you will need to choose a time frame (exact year or approximately). All existing grades were set to 2020. It can be easy to change – this applies to current users who registered six months ago. And – yes, the indication of the time gives scope for all sorts of time graphs and other visualizations, which we will definitely fasten.

About address and photo accuracy, everything is not so rosy – you need to use someone else’s API. To adequately determine the address around the world and in large volumes, you need to pay a lot of money or try to “partner” with some service that provides such services (which we will try to do). Well, with photos – I want to use crowdsourcing service, because of the commercial ones, only Google has good coverage of the whole world, but the prices there, of course … Yes, and Yandex has no less. Plus, I don’t want these giants to make money off Dimension users.

That’s all with the analysis of the main flaws. As a technical community, I can’t help but mention that I chose Svelte for development and was very pleased. See article for reasons. comparisons with React and Angularfor which you do not need to be a techie, although there are technical details.

What’s next?

Lots of different ideas. I know exactly what I want take into account the opinion of the community – created even for this special page, where you can find up-to-date information, vote for the priority of current tasks. I want the service to be like a Wikipedia in the world of housing – the first thing that comes to mind when asking where to find information on this topic. At the moment, of course, the knowledge base is seriously lacking. That is why we we are launching a contest of rental guides with prizes for first places and guaranteed money ($10) for the first 50 texts. Link to rules. Sponsored by my work. They pay money to me, and I pay you.

I really want to reward users for good content. For detailed comments, help with rating validation, etc. And so that not only the service rewards, but also the users themselves have the opportunity to thank each other.

About absolutely global plans, I have several different visions of what the service can come to. In addition to the obvious (everything is as it is now, but with more functions and information), perhaps we will solve social problems – deal with those very bad remarkable places – and monitor grooming – that is, we will become a kind of single portal where people can send complaints about air quality or cleanliness. And we, in turn, will look for opportunities to reach out to those on whom it depends. Maybe it will be a more touristic or “revolving” bias, and we will help you easily and easily get used to a new city. And, perhaps, we will integrate more closely into real estate and create our own bulletin board.

Plan for next update: add links to immigrant communities in different countries on the map – should help those who left their home unprepared in the light of current events to get used to; improve accessibility (accessibility for people with disabilities); make it possible to delete an email from our database – so that even if suddenly (!) The data merges (as it often happens lately) – no one could identify users. I see two options: store previous emails in a regular list (to prevent registration endlessly) or completely delete mail for money / crypto (to also prevent registration indefinitely), maybe I’ll come up with something else – not a passport, I promise. In addition, there is a task that I would like to “outsource”, and perhaps some of you will find it interesting: card transfer night illumination in api by coordinates.

The same card.
The same card.

That’s all for me – throw more stones, but do not forget about warm words. All the best and see you at measurements!

PS The text contains appeals from both “I” and “we”, the author does not have a bifurcation (and now “he”) – just some part of the appeals is personal, and some on behalf of the service, even if so far for almost everything worth one person.

PPS If there are representatives of real estate agencies interested in honest and open cooperation, I invite you to let me know.

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