Keyboards, robotic vacuum cleaners and strange new things from a Spanish flea market

For understanding, here is a video of what Spanish flea markets look like.

What did I find interesting?

Let’s start with the PDA. I have been breathing unevenly towards them since the appearance of these devices on sale. Some of them cost as much as a cast-iron bridge. The only thing that saved me from selling one of my kidneys (or even two) was that they gave me a PDA for my birthday.

Well, today they are found at a flea market only as technological artifacts of a bygone era. Here are photos of one of the most interesting models that I came across. This is a COMPAQ IPAQ 3900, and not just a PDA, it has a high-capacity battery behind it. I have not seen anything like this yet – this is not just a battery, but a case that occupies the entire area of ​​​​the back cover, and the battery is built into this case. The thickness of the accessory is twice the thickness of the PDA, so I think it adds a lot of additional hours days to the autonomy of the device.


This model has an Intel XScale processor on the PXA250 core with a clock speed of 400 MHz and a new “transflective” screen.

Then I came across two more PDA models from HP, plus a lot of accessories for PS2, PS3 and other consoles. In the photo, only later I also saw a controller for Sega (obviously non-original).

Then I saw something that I also really liked at the time – Motorola Razr, the second version of the iconic phone.


Previously, I would have given my right hand for him without hesitation. Here is the complete set with packaging. The phone is working, as reported by the seller.


There were several apparently good keyboards that most likely work. These are usually thrown away by the offices of companies that renew their equipment fleet. Then keyboards get to punto limpio, i.e. place for recycling electronics and household appliances. Well, there are already employees of this state. organizations take something for themselves.



Selling used vapes is kind of weird, don’t you think? Only the battery can come in handy.


For some reason, there were a lot of robotic vacuum cleaners. There were 10 pieces, if not 15, and a variety of models, from Samsung to iRobot. I did not photograph everything, I only took pictures of a couple of interesting models.


The model in the photo above is Roomba 520. The basic robot, which, however, cleans very well. The subject in the photo has a docking station, so if the battery is in order, you can take it and use it even now. I have two robots from iRobot, I use them often. Both are dry cleaning, Roomba. There was also Scooba, who washes the floors. But there is a lot of fuss with him – he washes well, but then he needs to be washed himself. You need to drain the dirty water, clean the brush, clean the filter, collect all this and put the robot on charge. All this takes about 10 minutes, during which the room can be washed with an ordinary mop.

And here is another robot vacuum cleaner. This is clearly a model that both sweeps and washes. But if Scooba washes by spraying clean water with detergent, and then collects it all with a pump, plus cleans with a brush. Then such robots are just a smart doormat. As far as you can understand, this is a simple Chinese model.


Then I came across a couple of sound mixers. Perhaps someone will recognize the models and be able to tell about them?




There are other audio equipment as well. Here, for example, is such a multimedia center.


And an answering machine. Really huge, about 50 by 30 cm. I didn’t lift it, but I think it’s heavy. But it was once a real breakthrough. Later, these answering machines were built directly into telephones, with miniature cassettes.


Then, at one seller of rarities, there were fresh gloves for a knight’s armor (of course, a remake), a half-cuirass, a helmet, and all sorts of other things. And also – a mountain of edged weapons, as I understand it, both replicas and real artifacts of past decades. I wanted to say “centuries”, but all this is clearly not so old. The police sees all this, does not prohibit selling.



The same seller also had musical instruments, plus a gramophone and something similar to a balalaika. I am not an expert, so I need clarification – is it really a balalaika or is it some kind of overseas counterpart?



They also sell spare parts for cars, so there are enough potential buyers. There are a lot of parts for BMWs, so there must be a joke about turn signals for these cars.


I also got a big photo enlarger. This is him, right?



There are also radio-controlled helicopters – from huge, about a meter long, to tiny, a few centimeters long.


Computer junk of past decades, carefully assembled by someone in a suitcase.


A video card from previous years, perhaps still working.



Sometimes I regret that I am not a philatelist. There are always a lot of stamps at the flea market. And there are almost no connoisseurs, I judge by the fact that sellers of albums with stamps have very few potential buyers. But there can be real rarities, right? Judging by the canceled stamps from Argentina, this is not the case, but someone collected the same.


Well, and another interesting thing – in these chess, made, as far as I understand, of marble.


What is this thing?

I came across a lot of strange and unusual things. Let’s try to guess the purpose of each of them. I remind you that I do not search in Google by the name of the model, so that it would be more interesting for me and for you. So, let’s begin.

Piece 1. Some sort of character generator. What is it and what is it for?


Thing 2. Something waterproof. But what is it? Dictaphone? Player? I didn’t understand.


Piece 3. Looks a bit like a paper cutter, but I don’t see a knife or paper size marks. So it’s clearly something else.


Thing 4. Amplifier of something there. What does it enhance and why?


Piece 5. As the name suggests, it can be a depilatory. But how does it work? A bunch of some conclusions, nothing is clear.


Well, that’s all, see you soon! Don’t switch.

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