June 23 – NX Analyst Meetup # 3. We will discuss interviews with customers and work with complex clients.

While most IT professionals continue to work remotely, we continue to conduct online meetings.

We will talk with Valentina Alekseeva on how to prepare for an interview with a customer so that he feels that he is understood perfectly, and the analyst had all the necessary requirements after the meeting. Together with Anna Khramtsova we will discuss how to work with complex clients. Following the results of the reports, it will be possible to ask speakers questions.


19: 30-20: 10 – Valentina Alekseeva (EPAM) “Interview with a happy continuation”

Interview … What could be more important for a business analyst in terms of drafting requirements? What is the recipe for a successful interview? How to prepare for it? How to form the very feeling of “partnership” at the customer? Valentina will talk about how she answers these important questions and what details deserve special attention.

20: 20-21: 00 – Anna Khramtsova (Nexign) “Difficult clients: is it possible to communicate with them without involving a project manager?”

Let’s try to figure out whether it is possible to typify complex clients, how to work with them, when it is worth attracting RP, and whether “complex” clients are really complex.

About speakers

Valentina Alekseeva, EPAM

By education a mathematician and manager-economist. She has extensive experience in testing and changing processes at different levels of the company: she was responsible for the development of processes in R&D, headed the quality group (ISO 9001) of the development department (500+ people) and was a member of the strategic office. Now is Lead Business Analyst. Business analysis for Valentina is not only a job, but also a hobby.

Anna Khramtsova, Nexign

For 4 years he has been working as a senior analyst at Nexign, team leader. Participated in the implementation of three BSS implementation projects, the fourth is in an active stage. Anna loves to play sports. “It’s probably hard to find a board that I haven’t ridden yet. Favorite ones: snowboard, longboard, wakeboard. ”

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On the day of the meeting, we will send a link to Zoom to the e-mail specified during registration.

See you!

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