Jetpacks in Culture: Cinema


December 9, 1965 in Tokyo, the premiere of the James Bond movie "Ball Lightning." For the first time a jetpack was shown on screens in feature films. Sean Connery himself did not master the control of the device and instead he flew an understudy – Bill Sutor.

We present to your attention a sub-section of all films / TV shows where the jetpack is lit. If I missed something – supplement.

1965, Thunderball

1965, Lost in Space

1976, Ark II

1977, Star Wars

1991, The Rocketeer

1993, RoboCop 3

1993, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

1996, Jingle All the Way

2002, Minority Report

2004, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

2010, Kick-Ass

2015, “Land of the Future”

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