Jet wing Yves Rossi: autonomous vertical take-off and landing


After two years of immersion in the subject of jetpacks / hoverboards of wings, I always say my position in lectures: the future is with the “wings”. Neither the Englishman Richard Browning with his dress of the iron man, nor the Frenchman Frankie Zapata with his hoverboard flyboard can compare with what very, very soon the Swiss grandfather will get up with a sweet surname for our ear (Yves Rossi). Last year he turned 60 years old, I hope he still flies 60 years.

On December 19, 2019, Yves Rossi posted two videos showing vertical soaring and training. This is a very significant motivating step that will inspire many developers to create their own versions of automation to stabilize and control flight / hover on a jet stream.


On the net, I dug up that the first flights on the wing of Yves Rossi began in 2004. The wing was folding so that you could go out into the small door of the plane. And the turbines also turned on on board the aircraft, and as soon as they gained momentum, Yves Rossi jumped out and laid out the wing.

Here is an old video:

Rumors have been around for a long time that Yves Rossi with the team is working on a vertical take-off and landing, but now we have indisputable evidence that he has a working model.


Yves Rossi uses 4 JetCat P-550 turbojet engines (with a thrust of 55 kg each), two of which have deflected thrust vectors. (Question to the audience: which servos do you recommend using?)


The engine weighs 4.9 kg, produces a maximum of 83,000 rpm, a jet speed of 2100 km / h, and a cost of about 17,000 dollars apiece.


Some foreign media write that the controls are on the fingers of the pilot.

Demonstration of vertical flight in Safe Mode above the lake:

The training goes like this:

The fact that Yves Rossi could not take off independently and land independently was always a weak point and the Swiss stood apart in relation to VTOL and Jetpack. But now, knowing how to take off and land vertically and independently, he will kick asses to all skeptics.

Happy new, turbojet, year!


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